Youtube now supports UPI payments in India

Youtube now supports UPI payments in India

YouTube also supports payments via credit and debit cards in the country.


YouTube has introduced UPI as a new mode of payment on its platform. The new feature will make it easier for YouTube users to transact on video-sharing platforms such as Superchat, movie rentals and more. Those paying on YouTube already have the option of using credit and debit cards. youtube now supports UPI  Now, they can easily complete transactions from their bank accounts using their UPI ID. Users can use the new option to pay for both YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Subscription.

YouTube has announced that all UPI app users can now use the new UPI payment options. They can “buy a monthly or quarterly prepaid subscription for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, buy and rent their favorite movies, as well as features like SuperChat to connect with and support their favorite YouTube creators Can pay. “

Although YouTube has added UPI as a new payment method for people who want to subscribe to YouTube premiums, people who want to watch YouTube original shows, they need to get a premium subscription for at least some time is not needed. youtube now supports UPI The alphabet-owned company recently made about a dozen of its original shows available for free to all. The list of shows includes Escape the Night, Step Up: High Water and Impulse among others. Free access to the original – previously only available to premium customers – was made available on 8 April, and will remain for a limited period only.

Separately, YouTube is reportedly working on a ticket lock-like feature called Shorts. youtube now supports UPI  Its feed will include short videos created by users – a format made popular by TikTok. Google has a large list of licensed music and songs that can be used by creators to create content.

Nearly a week after the announcement of the UPI payment can be used for channel subscriptions, YouTube has changed its mind. The company says that UPI cannot be used for channel subscriptions.


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