Xiaomi mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Xiaomi mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Rupee. At 1,399, it is one of Xiaomi’s cheapest wireless audio products


That Xiaomi makes some of the best-priced smartphones you can buy in India is nothing new. However, the company produces a number of audio products, including headphones, earphones, soundbars, and wireless speakers. Like the company’s smartphones, these audio products appeal to budget users at an affordable price. One of Xiaomi’s latest audio products is the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, which was launched in India in February for Rs. 1,399.

The Mi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker is compact, inexpensive, and makes a lot of promises for the price, including IPX5 water resistance and connection stability for Bluetooth. We have reviewed this new affordable Xiaomi speaker, and here’s what we think.


The mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker can take a few splashes  


Xiaomi mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker

As the word ‘outdoor’ in the product name suggests, this speaker is for outdoor use. Although it was not really possible for us to go out for a nationwide lockout during this review, we did manage to test the speaker in some simulated outdoor environments. The speaker is IPX5 rated for water resistance, giving real or simulated protection from the elements.

The IPX5 rating suggests that the speaker can survive a continuous low-pressure water jet spray. We tested it safely on our own by splashing water on the speaker and holding it under a running tap. The Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is not rated to be completely immersed in water, so you should avoid some such things – and be especially careful about pools or bathtubs as accidents can occur.

The cloth cover above the speaker driver manages to keep the water out even under a lightly running tap. Rubber-embossed buttons around the sides meant that the MI outdoor Bluetooth speaker does not have an easy way to penetrate the electronic bits. There is also a tight rubber flap that protects the micro-USB port and 3.5mm socket when they are not needed.

mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker review flap Xiaomi mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker


Xiaomi mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker

The Mi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker is simple and easy to handle, with an elastic strap at the top and a rubber base, due to which the speaker rests mostly on a flat surface.

While we usually have the speaker held upside down for the best sound, the strap made it easy to tie or hang the speaker with a suitable hook, and the sound was also good that way.

Under the fabric top layer are a single 5W speaker driver and a 2,000mAh battery that promises 20 hours of usage on a single charge. We were able to get about 15 hours with a high volume of playing equipment; Very good for a speaker of this size and price.


Sound on the mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker is loud and fun 


Xiaomi mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Despite its compactness and single speaker driver, the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker is loud, punchy and fun. Sound-driven and bass-happy, and works well with fast, exciting tracks. For best results, increase the volume all the way. The speaker also sounded great at the 80 percent volume level, but at lower volumes, we felt it lost all its drives.

Hearing the zombies on your lawn from the Plants vs. Zombies soundtrack, we loved how the speaker kicked as the bass kicked. We also found that the speaker was mounted on a thick, hard surface while soft material was engaged. Out of punch sound. The highs sounded crisp, and the vocals were distinct and clear throughout the track.

mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker review bottom Xiaomi mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker


Xiaomi mi outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Switching by Seven Lions to keep it off, we were impressed by how loud and defined the sound was. The bass elements built into this dubstep track sounded almost electric, lending the track’s interesting new character. Unlike all other compact devices in this price range, the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker produces a clean, even sound that provides enough through bass and treble, while letting mid-range shine.

You can take the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker with you on the trip or use it by the pool. If you are close to the speaker, the sound will be quite good and you can place it on a hard, flat surface. Interestingly, the speaker is a much more capable home, making us wonder if the product name might discourage many potential buyers. This is sufficient for a small room and is effective for personal listening to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop as well. It even has a microphone, so you can use it for hands-free calls; The sound was quite good for this.



Affordable wireless speakers have often disappointed us, but the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth speaker is a refreshing splash of fun in an otherwise dull location. The speaker looks good, is well built, and offers substantially more reasonable through water resistance than other wireless speakers priced under Rs. 1,500. Good sound quality and decent battery life are icing on the cake.

While there are some good options on the market from brands such as Boat, JBL, and Philips that are worth considering, the Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker gets the right price-for-money offer. It is a complete package, and if you use it indoors or outdoors, we are looking for an entry-level wireless speaker.


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