Top 5 Phones with a Really Long Battery Life That is on Sale In India


One of the most important things to consider these days when buying new phones is battery life. Since smartphones are now capable of pretty much anything and everything you can imagine, Top 5 phones a phone that can last longer and keep up with its work requirements becomes a sensible option because a phone is only as good as its battery life. If you’re looking for a phone with good battery life, here are some options to consider –


1. Samsung Galaxy M31


Samsung’s M series is popular for its batteries as the company keeps pushing its limits with the series. This year, we have the Galaxy M31, which packs a massive 6,000mAh battery. It lasts longer than a ROG phone 2 because it doesn’t push that many pixels and it doesn’t support high refresh rates. That being said, it’s still a really good phone and you can check out our review of the device to see if you like it.

2. Asus ROG Phone 2


The special phone has a 6,000mAh battery, which is absolutely insane and something that was completely unheard of a few years back. Asus ROG Phone 2 is a gaming phone, you will definitely need as much juice as you can be able to make sure you play with any interruptions. Top 5 phones It also supports 30W charging, so you won’t be sitting around while waiting for your phone’s battery to be charged. You can check out our review of the phone to learn more about it.

3. Realme 6 Pro


Realme’s new phone in series 6 is one of our favorite devices when it comes to battery life. It packs a 4,300mAh battery which is not as high as those found inside the Galaxy M31 or ROG Phone 2. However, the phone managed to last easily in a day with medium to heavy usage. Top 5 phones It also supports faster charging that is able to top up more juices in no time. Be sure to check out our review of the phone to learn more about your battery life in detail.

4. IQ00 3 5G


While the 5G bit doesn’t really matter, the iQOO 3 is powered by the 5G flagship Snapdragon 865 making it faster than all other Android flagships currently. The new chipset corresponds to the latest LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage that makes this device to get to power users. Needless to say, it won’t slow down at all, and what’s more, you get two pressure-sensitive buttons on the edges that help to the game. There is also a 48MP quad-camera setup at the back and another selfie camera drilled in the display.

5. iPhone 11


Apple managed to impress us with the iPhone XR’s incredible battery life. It only packs inside a 3,046mAh battery, which is certainly not as big as the others on this list. However, Apple’s hardware is the point on software optimization and it does the job very well. We managed to get a really good battery life during our time with the phone, so you can fully rely on the iPhone 11 to have your back for a long time.
Well, they’re some phones you can buy if you’re looking for devices with long-lasting battery life. We keep this list updated as and when we come across a tool that we think is worthy of being here, then keep your eyes open.

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