TikTok ratings moved up to 4.4 stars on google play as google removed mass negativity

TikTok’s app rating on Google Play increased from 1.2 stars to 4.4 stars last week. The latest video unfolds after the emerging days, TikTok’s ratings when the small video app faced mainly a public due to a video posted by popular Tiktok user Faizal Siddiqui surfacing #IndiansAgainstTTTok on social media Includes hashtags. Google has been instrumental in improving the average rating of TikTok on Google Play as it has removed millions of one-star ratings due to its comment posting guidelines that explicitly allow negative reviews and ratings to be removed which is an Are responsible for major attacks.

Without specifying Tickcock’s case, a Google spokesman said the company takes corrective action to remove unintended ratings and comments when it considers incidents of spam abuse. TikTok ratings “Play Store ratings enable users to provide useful feedback about their experience with apps and content,” the spokesperson said in a statement sent to Gadgets 360.

If we compare TikTok’s current app ratings on Google Play to what it was seven days ago, there is a drop of about 80 million ratings. The graph on the web version of Google Play also shows that there was a massive increase in one-star ratings last week, but a significant number of those ratings no longer survive.

TikTok’s ratings moved up to 4.4 stars on google play as google removed mass negativity

According to one of the guidelines specified in Google Play’s comment posting policy, users are not allowed to manipulate an app’s rating. Perhaps this was the reason that Google supported TikTok and removed reviews and ratings that did not outweigh the massive attacks against the app.

Unlike the changes on Google Play, TikTok’s ratings on the Apple App Store for its iOS version are not showing any major differences within the last seven days. The app had an average 3.5-star rating last week which has been dropped to 3.4 stars. Furthermore, TikTok ratings it appears that Apple has not removed any ratings as they have gone from 11 lakh to more than 12 lakh in the past one week. It seems that iPhone users are relatively not part of Ticketcock’s brigade.


There is not one, but many incidents behind the mass attack


TikTok’s ratings moved up to 4.4 stars on google play as google removed mass negativity


Criticism against TikTok began earlier this month with a video posted by YouTuber CarryMinati (originally Ajay Nagar) titled “YouTube vs TikTok – The End”. In this video, the narrator roasted Tiktok creators, especially Amir Siddiqui. The video was removed shortly after it went viral on social media by YouTube for “breach of service terms”.

However, a few days after that video of Carriminati, Amir Siddiqui’s brother Faizal Siddiqui posted a short video on TikTok ratings, which seemed to encourage violence against women. This resulted in a major contradiction against Tiktok, who eventually deleted the controversial video and suspended Faizal Siddiqui’s account by the stage.

A large number of people have been seen criticizing Tickcock for being just a “Chinese” platform. At the same time, many netizens have also reported that video apps have been used to share objectionable content, including animal and venereal clips. Tiktok options are able to increase dramatically as a result of this negative sentiment. tiktok’s ratings The homegrown app Mitron on Google Play garnered more than 50 million downloads, thanks to a catchy name and a strong anti-TickTalk, a combination of anti-China sentiment, pointing to multiple glits with many reviews of the app, yet five stars Given because it is an Indian app.


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