Tiktok creator's music app resso

Tiktok creator’s music app Resso is here in India


Bytedance already has a very popular app called Tiktok. TikTok is literally everywhere and it has become an unstoppable force around the world. But it looks like the company plans to expand its footprint in other areas as well. And they’ve taken their first steps to disrupt the music streaming space.

Bytedance has launched a new app called Resso and it seems they’re here to rival the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and others a run for their money. Since this is a new app, Tiktok creator’s music app resso you might be wondering if it’s any good. Tiktok creator’s music app Well, I just installed Reso on my phone, so I thought I would give you an idea of what to expect.

Resso is taking more of a social approach with his app. In addition to being able to find and play your favorite music, Reso will also let you see the lyrics of the songs in real-time and leave comments with your thoughts. Resso already has thousands of users on board, so the community is surprisingly active.

The interface is also quite easy to use and it’s very intuitive. At least that’s what I personally think after using it for a few hours. Tiktok creator’s music app As for streaming bitrate, free users will be able to stream music at 128kbps and premium users will get 256kbps.

Nair also understands that the music list plays a huge role in deciding whether consumers are even ready to jump on the new music streaming app. Without revealing the numbers, Nair said his music cataloged runs in millions. The company has tied up deals with major international, local and independent labels such as Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, T-series, Saregama, Zee Music, YRF, Tips, Venus, Shemaru, Speed Records and Anand Audio.

One of my favorite features is the realtime song roll. It’s very similar to what Apple Music offers on its app, but Resso also plays a video in the background, which in my opinion looks kinda cool. With lyrics rolling down with music, Resso sounds like a really cool app for karaoke.

Regarding Reso, it is also said that there are far more artists than what you can find on Spotify in India. Tiktok creator’s music app I’m yet to explore the app and its cast more, but so far I didn’t have any issues finding artists that liked me.


Nair, who was previously with Sony Music Entertainment, says the social element makes Reso different from other music streaming apps. He highlights a similar feature called “Vibes”, where users can upload any scene or video that can be linked to a song that can then be shared with friends and family. This feature reminds one of Tiktok, where users can choose a popular song from the library and then create a clip of dance, lip-syncing or acting while playing melodies in the background.

The app will let you create small GIFs like Tiktok, which honestly, it’s not all that surprising. Reso calls it ‘vibes’. You can either add your vibe to an image, a song like a video or select one from your existing library.

I’ll use the app a bit more these days and see if I can make some meaningful comparisons with Spotify and others. Tiktok creator’s music app resso You can download the app from the Play Store and app store right now.


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