Coronavirus: The Best Work From Home Apps for iPhone and Andriod 


“We understand that this is an unprecedented move, but these are unprecedented times, while all employees of the company will have to work from home,” wrote Jennifer Christie, Twitter’s vice president for People. the best work from home apps These are, in fact, unprecedented times as the coronavirus epidemic is forcing companies to ask employees to work from home.

Work from home can be quite a challenge but fortunately, technology has made it simpler. Whether it’s video conferencing, sharing files, keeping track on the calendar, an app to be able to work from home. the best work from home apps Here we list apps that can be useful for those working from home:


1. zoom: available on Andriod, ios, window, mac (free and paid version)


The biggest shift when you work from home, you no longer interact with your colleagues in person.the best work from home apps But just because you can’t go into office doesn’t mean you won’t need to attend meetings and group calls.

A professional video conferencing app can make it easy. You can start with the same, maybe already familiar, like Skype (iPhone, Android). It allows you to accept calls and make calls from your phone.

If you need to host a meeting, try Zoom (iPhone, Android). You can host online meetings, 40 minutes with 500 participants for free.


2. Microsoft Team communication app


When you work from home eight hours a day, you can’t rely on video calls and emails for communication. You need a better system than WhatsApp group chats to stay in touch with your colleagues throughout the day.

Thankfully, special team communication apps are available for all platforms, and they have been battle-tested by remote workers over the years. the best work from home apps If you’re just getting started, we recommend Slack (iPhone, Android). This is what we use here in How-Geek.

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If your company pays for Microsoft subscriptions, you can try Microsoft Teams (iPhone, Android). Its features are similar to those on The Slack. You can set up multiple channels and notifications, send personal messages, attach documents, and more.


3. Google Hangouts Group video calling app



When you’re done with your workday (and you should set strict guidelines for your working hours), you’ll want to stay in touch with your close friends and family. How can you do this when you can’t go out? Again, the video calls for rescue!

If all your friends and family have an iPhone, there’s nothing like FaceTime. You can add up to 32 people, and use animes or fun effects. This is one of our favorite apps for video chatting.

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If some of your friends have Android phones, check out HouseParty (iPhone, Android). This unique video calling app allows you to create multiple rooms with your friends. You can start a call with whatever is available.

You can also set up common social hours with your friends at the house party. Choose a time- maybe during lunch or after dinner- at which you can gather and chat all over the app. You can also use options like Skype or Google Hangouts.


4. google News apps


You can stress yourself if you watch, read or hear the news all day. However, checking in twice a day to see how the global situation is progressing is a good idea. You can do it in many ways.

First, choose a trusted source for national news and download its app (you can disable notifications if you want). the best work from home apps Will do anything from The New York Times (iPhone, Android), Google News (iPhone, Android), or Reuters News (iPhone, Android).

Next, if your local news source has an app, download it. If not, you can use the RSS reader and add your website to your favorite RSS app. This way, you can also quickly check out important local news without being lost in your Twitter feed. training club Workout apps


Just because you can’t go to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit! In fact, if you are working from home and not moving as much, it is even more important to get some exercise.

You can start with the Nike Training Club (iPhone, Android). This free app has more than 190 workouts that you can download, so you’re bound to find something interesting.

The Fitbit Coach app (iPhone, Android) is another good option. the best work from home apps It offers a variety of personalized video workouts depending on your fitness level. You can unlock the entire gallery for $7 a month.

If video workouts are not your thing, try Aaptiv (iPhone, Android). Just plug in your headphones or earbuds and follow the audio instructions for a quick workout.


5.headspace Meditation apps


Being at home all day can be stressful, even if you’re surrounded by family. However, you can use this time to create meditation routines or use it to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Some meditation only takes 10 minutes a day! To get started, check headspace (iPhone, Android), which is offering basic courses for free right now. You can also try cool (iPhone, Android), which offers easy music, sleep casts and a variety of guided meditation packs.

You can also try mindfulness meditation for free through the smiling mind (iPhone, Android). We recommend its mindfulness foundation course. It’s a great way for beginners to learn about mindfulness- just follow up with the program.


6. Relax tune Relaxing music apps


Need some downtime? Maybe you can take a nap. If you need some help going to sleep, you can try an app with relaxing music.

Relax Tune (iPhone, Android) is one of the most popular. It has a large collection of nature, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) and water sounds, as well as white noise and meditation music. If you have trouble falling asleep, or you just want to play some relaxing music while you work, this one is for you!

White Noise+ (iPhone), on the other hand, is a highly customizable ambient sound app. You can mix and match many white noises like wind, rain or river to make perfect background noise for you.


7. Bigbasket Grocery apps


If you want, you can order takeout lunches and dinners while working from home. However, that will be old quite quickly. If you don’t want to shop, it’s best to order your groceries and they’re delivered to your front door. BigBasket (iPhone, Android)

There are some apps that can help you here. Of course, you can always use Amazon or Walmart apps, but if you want fast delivery, try the Amazon Prime Now app (iPhone, Android). You can get produce and groceries delivered from your favorite local store in two hours.




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