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Samsung AKG N400 True Wireless Earbuds Launched: What’s Difference Galaxy Buds Plus


Samsung has quietly launched a new pair of earbuds from its sub-brand AKG. The new Samsung AKG N400 earbuds are actually the first pair of wireless earbuds from the brand and are said to feature noise cancellation. The price of new earbuds is 229,000 South Korean won, which is about Rs 14,150.

Samsung AKG N400 launch

Technically, there was no launch for new earbuds. It was just spotted on Samsung’s South Korean website. The product page shows the new AKG N400 earbuds are available in black, white, and blue variants. There is still no word when true wireless earbuds will be available outside the South Korean market. The launch of Samsung’s new AKG N400 earbuds comes as a surprise as Samsung recently launched the new Galaxy Buds Plus True wireless headphones available in India for Rs 11,990 for $150. Interestingly, the new Galaxy Buds Plus has been advertised as a sound tuned by EKG. Of course, there are a number of differences between the two audio devices

Samsung AKG N400 Earbuds Features

As mentioned, the new AKG N400 earbuds are actually wireless and feature noise cancellation. It is said that if the active noise cancellation stops, run for five hours or six hours on the same charge. In addition, new earbuds come with wireless charging support. The AKG N400 earbuds claim that audio quality and technology have increased during voice calls. A microphone is available on each earbud and can be operated through touch controls for changing tracks, controlling volume, and so on. There is also a trigger to access voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and even Bixby

Comparing Samsung galaxy buds plus, AKG N400

The AKG N400 earbud seems to have some better features than the Samsung Galaxy BadPlus. For one, the AKG N400 comes with an IPX7 rating with water resistance, meaning earbuds are designed for fully submerged activities. The Galaxy Buds Plus, on the other hand, features IPX3. Also, Galaxy Buds Plus doesn’t cancel the full noise. However, the Samsung Galaxy BadPlus beats the AKG N400 with its battery. While the AKG N400 maxes out with six hours with noise cancellation stopped and the battery case with the extra six hours, the Galaxy Buds Plus offers 11 hours and gets an additional 11 hours off their case.

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