coronavirus: robot dog on park patrol in Singapore

coronavirus: robot dog on park patrol in Singapore


As it grooves through the park, the spot – which has the same name as the popular fictional puppy – uses cameras to estimate the number of visitors.

A yellow robotic dog called Spot who rose to fame for dancing to the hit song “Uptown Funk” and is deployed to patrol a park in Singapore and to ensure that people follow social distance Do it

The high-tech hound is remote-controlled and can easily climb all types of terrains, which its creators say could mean wheeled robots cannot.


coronavirus: robot dog on park patrol in Singapore

And the robot explodes a message to ensure that joggers and walkers maintain their distance to limit the spread of coronavirus: “For your safety and for those around you, robot dog please take a distance of at least one meter Stand on. Thank you. “

The spot, which is being tested three kilometers (1.8 mi) of the park, also has sensors to ensure that it does not hit people.

Developed by US company Boston Dynamics, the spot is best known for a video where the robot showed off his moves by stopping Mark Ronson on “Uptown Funk” – and has been viewed more than 6.8 million times on YouTube.

On a recent outing, robot dog curious viewers stopped watching the spot as the four-legged invention passed on their phones and snapped pictures.

coronavirus: robot dog on park patrol in Singapore

Gu Feng Min, a visitor from China who took off for a walk, said the robot was “cute” and “useful for determining how crowded the place is”.

Although other people had misunderstandings.

Singapore officials have stated privacy concerns that Spot’s cameras cannot track or identify specific individuals and no personal data will be collected.

More than 29,000 virus cases have been reported in the city-state, robot dog most of the deaths of migrant workers, and 22 people living in the dormitory.


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