10 profitable lite app: how this work and why you need them?

In 2015, Facebook launched its Facebook Lite version which was aimed at improving the user experience of entry-level Android smartphones. And since then the industry has seen so many other Lite apps for Android to come along the way to go to the best, profitable lite app fast and good users also offering user experience in spotty internet connections. 

Many countries have been facing content access issues for the past several years profitable lite apps due to low and even poor internet bandwidth that encouraged Google to solve this problem by introducing extremely fast and lightweight Android Go apps.

You may not find all these apps directly on the Google Play Store because they are restricted to download in some areas, profitable lite app including the US. But, here is the best option to sideload these apps i.e. Apkmirror website. Here, you can simply browse and search for the app you want to download outside the Google Play Store. 

To help you, we’ve gathered a list of the best Google lightweight apps developed specifically as copies of Google apps. profitable lite app They are lightweight and less resource-intensive that run them flawlessly on low-end smartphones.


Take a look at the ‘lite’ version of google go apps 


1.google go

The Google Go app is a lighter version of the main Google main app that works similar to the main Google app, including searching the web, opening different web links, getting weather forecasts and many others. 

It is the best search engine that has been claimed as displaying highly customized results and saves up to 40% of mobile data. In addition, the app is tried and tested for speed and accuracy. 

Using Google’s Lite version app brings the most relevant results profitable lite app that can reduce recommendations and other links that eat a lot of mobile data. However, you can find them with a single tap whenever needed.


2. Google maps go 

Download Google Maps go faster, smarter and accurate to get route results. This Google Maps Lite version is a strong progressive web app that lets users use it through any web browser. The app is responsible for providing business listings, traffic information, and public transport programs according to your search requirements. 

Being a lightweight Android Go app, it is believed to be much smaller in size than the existing main Google Maps app. This Google Maps Lite mode for Android only listens to your orders and performs accordingly to provide you with accurate route and traffic results by consuming less mobile data.


3. Gmail go

Google officially launched Gmail Go Back in February 2018 and added it to the best Android Go apps kit. Users admire this app for providing seamless services in little or no internet connection. The app weighs only or under 10MB which is comparatively lighter than the original Gmail app. 

Due to lightweight, it has become easier for users to enjoy working with Gmail Lite where major tasks such as smart replies and smart email classification can be done flawlessly with low internet access. 

However, you won’t find all the advanced functions here with this Android Lite version, but still, you’ll be able to complete important email activities if you’re running from internet or mobile data


4. Google assistant go 

It is one of the best Lite apps by Google that weighs only 4.6 MB but still has the appropriate amount of functionality required by users. When it comes to assistance, the app helps you make phone calls, receive weather prediction reports, send text messages and many other activities. 

Users are enjoying this one of the well-developed apps under 5MB to get support for many day-to-day activities. The only functionalities they can’t find it here are smart home and reminders. Relax, anyone can rely on it to get quick help in less connected areas.


5. Twitter lite 

Twitter Lite for Android, another top-rated Android Go app is also winning the hearts of users as a progressive web app. It makes it easy to use the app at a lightweight and fast pace that can also be accessed by a web browser by eating up to 730KB only. 

In addition, the app comes with a data saver mode that lets users download the required media files that prohibit other images and videos from downloading in a low internet connection.


6. Chrome lite 

Chrome Lite Browser performs as the best Lite browser for Android that gives you extremely fast and light browsing experience. The app works exactly like the main Google Chrome app and allows users to explore stories and find quick answers to search queries. 

Being renowned as Lite browser for Android, Chrome Lite also lets users enjoy music, shows, movies, etc. without hassle.


7. Skype lite

This extremely light version of the Skype chat app was specially designed for the Indian market. The advanced copy of the skype lite name is known as a slightly streamlined version of the original Skype app. 

To download Skype Lite for Android, users will get access to features like data tracking, data-saving mode, Indian specific bots, quick SMS insights for text classification. If you think the main Skype app is very bloated for you, it makes sense here to try this Lite Android Go app.


8. Facebook lite 

It was earlier discussed that Facebook Lite was the first copy version of the main Facebook Android app designed to help users enjoy a smooth and fast social media experience. The best part is that you can also access Facebook Messenger without downloading the chat app separately. 

The Facebook Lite download for Android weighs roughly around 1.5MB. Isn’t everything, including Facebook’s visual views, photos, and animations compressed to get into a fast mode? That’s why it’s best treated as small-sized apps for Android that also connect the world by consuming nominal or extremely low internet data.


9. Instagram lite 

Instagram Lite is another achievement listed in Facebook’s success book. It’s like other lightweight apps designed with all the main functionalities that include browsing timelines, find tabs, upload photos, comment on uploads, check stories, etc. 

The only drawback is that you can’t upload or share videos and direct messages on your Timeline using this extremely compressed Lite app. Downloading this Lite app not only helps users manage their major social activities at low bandwidth but also saves a lot of space in smartphones.


10. Youtube go

Google launches YouTube Go as it is one of the notable Android Go apps. These days the app is getting a remarkable place among users who want to watch videos uploaded to lightweight apps without interruption. 

The app is quite famous and allows users to choose streaming or download quality according to data availability. It offers many other conscious features that prove beneficial in preserving users’ data for the video to play well. An added advantage is that this Lite YouTube version gives users the ability to share downloaded videos through a local connection where little or no data is required. 

Download YouTube Go


Wrapping up

The Lite app listed for Android is great at meeting the needs of users who live in spotty network areas and want to explore everything online like everyone else. Lite apps for Android to come along the way to go to the best, profitable lite app fast and good users also offering user experience in spotty internet connections. These apps are the best and cater to almost all the services just like the main apps. If you want to know how these apps work under 5MB and complete all the important tasks if needed. 

If we miss any important and major Android Go app, feel free to discuss this with MobileAppDaily, leaving the comments below.


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