What is say namaste meeting app and how to use its developed by the Indian government   

Says Namaste is a new India-based video conferencing tool but has not been developed by the government


The Government of India has urged the country to launch a new ‘Active Innovative Challenge’ to design and build its own video-conferencing application. The government will reward the creator of the app keeping in mind the safety of the users.

This comes after the Indian government requested not to use the zoom video conferencing app due to all security issues. Many companies, such as Google, have banned employees from using Zoom for work.

Some rumors are now circulating on the internet, stating that the Indian government has officially launched its video conferencing platform, called Say Namaste. Since then many users have walked the platform and praised the effort.


What is say namaste?


The truth is that Namaste video conferencing platform has not been developed by the Government of India. The platform is built by Inscript, a Mumbai-based web application, and a software development firm.

The government debates rumors of introducing the zoom option and wrote in a tweet, “#MyGovFactCheck of the Day: namaste meeting app a news saying the government launched a video conferencing tool AS NAMASTE ‘to take the zoom unsecured’ is! Do not believe such misinformation! Stay informed, stay safe! #IndiaFightsCorona, “


Is say namaste an app?


No, it is not. Say hello is basically an online tool and not an app available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But Say Namaste has confirmed to launch an official application on iOS. No word yet on Android availability.


How say namaste works?


All you have to do is type on your web browser and press enter. It can be used on both smartphones and desktops. We tried using the online video conferencing tool and found it to be very lagging. namaste meeting app We tried to organize a group meeting using the platform, but it kept loading and did not allow us to do the meeting.

Well, the reason for the lag may be sudden demand. Soon after launching the platform, Namaste went on to reveal on Twitter that it had “surpassed 100,000 users and 25,000 meetings in less than 48 hours.” The platform is currently in beta and maybe another reason for the lag.


How to use on phone, Pc


After you go up you will be able to see two options: Create a new meeting and join an existing meeting.

With the option of creating a new meeting, you will be able to create a meeting ID and send it to a meeting with people.

To join a meeting you will need your name, meeting ID, and meeting code sent by the meeting host in the given location.

At the top, the website notes, “Millions of Indians are currently using NAMASTE and therefore you may face some temporary connectivity issues. namaste meeting app Thank you for your cooperation! ”Then you may experience bugs and problems while using this platform.


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