Lockdown 4.0: how to get an e-pass issued [step-by-step-guide]

The website has been developed by the National Informatics Center.

The countrywide lockout has been extended for the fourth time in India due to the COVID-19 epidemic. During the time of lockdown, a lot of loopholes have been relaxed to help ease the growing economic pressure. how to get an e-pass issued People have been allowed to move around a bit. But for this, you will need an e-pass to travel interstate.

To get an e-pass, a person has to visit a website created by the state government of the state, which they want to commit. Lockdown 4.0 is effective until 31 May. The government is yet to announce whether it will take up the lockdown post or move it forward. Here is a description of Lockdown 4.0.


How to get an e-pass 

Lockdown 4.0: how to get an e-pass issued [step-by-step-guide]


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To make the process of obtaining e-passes easy, the Government of India has set up a single-point access website (http://serviceonline.gov.in/epass/), where people can request e-passes. The website has been developed by the National Informatics Center (NIC).

This single-point access website currently has e-permits for only 17 states, except for major states like New Delhi. http://serviceonline.gov.in/epass/ is just a redirected service to help you navigate to the right website for your state. For example, if you want to pass in Noida, you will select Uttar Pradesh in the box of the selected city. how to get an e-pass issued The website will then show me the hyperlink to the Uttar Pradesh e-pass website.

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Lockdown 4.0: how to get an e-pass issued [step-by-step-guide]

When they were redirected to the state’s e-pass website, people can verify their phone numbers with the OTP and upload all required documents to the website.

After submitting all the details, the concerned department will review the application and decide whether it wants to issue the e-pass to you or not.how to get an e-pass issued After the e-pass is issued, the person will get an SMS about the same on their phone with a link to download the e-pass. He is then required to carry an e-pass with him wherever he goes, as security personnel can ask to verify whether the person can commit during the lockdown.

After being released, the e-pass also shows up inside the Arogya Setu app.

Lockdown 4.0: how to get an e-pass issued [step-by-step-guide]

At the time of writing, the website states that a total of 33,30,664 applications have been received by 17 states, including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu. Of these, only 11,50,398 applications have passed. Whereas, 11,85,495 applications are being rejected and 9,94,771 applications are still under process.


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