Whatsapp messages from who claiming lockdown extent till June is fack, don’t believe it 

Whatsapp messages from who claiming lockdown extent till June is fake, don’t believe it 

The WhatsApp message that claims to be the WHO protocol on the lockdown extension until June is fake; Don’t believe it


The government is constantly urging people not to spread or believe rumors related to coronaviruses. It is constantly monitoring the messages on social media platforms to further inflame delinquency and terror in civilians. But it is still not stopping people from spreading misinformation on social media platforms, especially WhatsApp.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a message claiming to be a protocol on the expansion of locking lockdown extent till June is fake is widely circulated on the platform. Don’t believe it is fake and the WHO has no such protocol.

The viral WhatsApp message states that the WHO has issued a protocol to “control the most dangerous viruses“. It notes that the lockdown will be lifted on April 15 and rested until April 19. Post that the country will be under lockdown again for 28 days until May 18. it is not true.

The Indian government is still in discussions with other experts and officials and has not yet decided on any action plan.lockdown extent till June is fake For now, as stated in the 21-day lockdown by PM Narendra Modi till 14 April officially. The fake viral WhatsApp message states that the lockdown will extend to June. Don’t believe it

The WHO stated, “The messages being circulated on social media as the WHO protocol for lockdown are baseless and FAKE.” The WHO has no protocol for lockdown. “


How to check for fack WhatsApp forwards

If you receive such WhatsApp, be sure to check with the official website or social media accounts if the WHO has issued any protocol for lockdown that should also be mentioned on the official Twitter, Facebook or Instagram handle and the official WHO Also on the website. In particular, there are many parody accounts that make sure to check only verified official accounts for accurate information.

-Before assuming any such WhatsApp forwarded message, be sure to check whether it has the official logo or not. There is no WHO logo on the fake forwarded message claiming not to be from WHO. This is clearly fake.

Trust the announcements by the government. The Indian government has explicitly announced a 21-day lockdown until 14 April. No news of the extension of the lockdown has been announced yet.

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Check for spelling errors, the font of the forwarded message. You can identify if a message is fake or not the way it is written. Most fake messages have either some or the other spelling mistake or grammar problems.

Things to do: If you find any WhatsApp message suspicious or fake, do not forward it and contact it.

To get official information about COVID-19, just trust what the government has officially announced, check official social media accounts, check WHO’s website and apps and websites such as epidemic bridges. The app has been developed by the Indian government for epidemics.

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a facility to control the spread of fake messages on the platform. The feature will allow users to check the authenticity of the message if in doubt by simply clicking on it. The messaging platform is expected to bring this feature soon.


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