Jio, Facebook giving free 25GB daily data for 6-months? Before, it is a new COVID-19 scam

Jio, Facebook giving free 25GB daily data for 6-months? Before, it is a new COVID-19 scam 

A message claiming from Facebook and Reliance Jio is giving 25GB of data free for 6 months and it could be completely a malware attack.


“Good news! Jio and Facebook are offering 25GB of data daily for 6 months to all Jio users due to the lock of COVID-19.” If you have received a text message with this claim, it means that you have a new Cybercrime is one of the many targets.

Reliance Jio has not announced any such offer and fraudsters are simply using the deal between Facebook and Reliance to authenticate their claims. To make the claim credible, he threw COVID-19 into lockdown in the mix.

A Jio spokesperson told, “We periodically take precautions through SMS and other means of communication to remove false claims from websites that mislead customers and customers.” “Reference information is inaccurate and misleading. We, through you, request our customers not to come for such false propaganda. “

This special text message is being sent through an India-based mobile number. The message asks users to download an app to take advantage of the offer with a link, which takes the user to a website created with Weebly – a free website builder.

On the website, the user is asked to download an app with the claim, “Jio & FB has announced today to give 25GB data daily to all Jio users with free calls for 6-MONTHS.” Activate this Jio offer at no cost using the all-new Prime App

The website is not explicitly related to Jio and uses a template provided by Weebly. Apart from the homepage, every other page of the website has template text and pictures. The fraudster probably made the site in a hurry and did not have time to finish it.

I downloaded the app and installed it on my secondary phone. Although the application crashed, I was able to see a similar-looking interface to the MyJio app. The application can be a malware or ransomware that can be used to hack your phone and steal your bank details and password. So I would advise not to download the said application.

“This is not the first time we have seen a malicious Android application used in a phishing scam. This malicious application can be used for further hacking and malware/ransomware injection into devices to control devices,

“Smartphone users are increasingly storing personal and business data, including digital banking, payments, and financial information on smartphones. It attracts cyber attacks with victims losing real property like loss of money, personal data, and privacy, ”he said.

This is not the first time the name of Coronavirus is being cheated. Fraudsters are riding the COVID-19 scare wave to scam people around the world, including installing fake COVID-19 tracker dashboards to hack computers, malicious coronavirus-related websites, and apps Under the guise of giving, coronavirus involves carrying out phishing attacks. – Related information, as well as a threat to infect users with COVID-19 if the ransom is not paid.


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