India’s first robocop deployed by channel police  

The on-going coronavirus lockdown has made it extremely difficult for people to work. While most of us are working from the comfort of our own homes, a lot of frontline employees are struggling to make ends meet. Can you imagine being a police officer on surveillance duty in a control area?

Yes, it is as scary as it sounds, but the Chennai Police Department has managed to find a workaround using technology. He is believed to be India’s first Robocop. Here, check it out –

The device you are looking at is a robot that can be controlled using a remote control and has a camera mounted on top of it for surveillance. india’s first robocop It is called Robot Cop LD v5.0 and was deployed at Meenambal Puram Street in Chennai. It is a control area in the city center.

According to the police, there are more than 11 COVID-19 cases in that area, so it is almost impossible for them to enter that particular part of the area and monitor for any emergency. And that’s why this robot cop has been deployed.

You can control the robot through a police controller and move it inside an area that is not physically possible to move. india’s first robocop Thanks to the two-way intercom of the robot, they can also make any necessary announcements. If they need anything, they can also listen to the public.

India’s first robocop deployed by channel police

The robot also has an LED display to display messages. Former, Joint Commissioner of Police, R. Sudhakar explained how they are using robots, which are inside people.

“In the Saman region, we cannot enter the interior areas. Our personnel had to stand outside the barricaded areas. The drone was used to make announcements, ”he said.

The best thing about the robot is that it was jointly built by Police, Robothotes, SCI Fi Innovation, and Calidai Motorworks in just 4 days. india’s first robocop The robot has a wireless connectivity range about KM, which is awesome.

We are looking at companies at full speed to help the department in such desperate times. This is a time that reminds us that we are together in all this and we will come back strong.


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