how to recharge mobile online

How to recharge mobile online, pay bills online using Google Pay, PhonePe, Flipkart, Paytm, and more 


How to recharge or pay online.


The option to recharge or pay bills online has long been around, but a good portion of the population is not familiar with the whole thing or does not like to use it. However, with the ongoing lockdown in the country to control the spread of coronaviruses, how to recharge mobile online recharge and bill payment are the most convenient way. Here is a step-by-step guide to recharge or pay bills online using various service providers.


Google pay

To recharge with Google Pay, scroll to “Business” and tap “Explore” right next to it. To recharge your phone, tap on “Mobile Recharge” and put Mobile Number Moon on the next screen. Now select the operator and circle if it does not retrieve automatically. Now select the plan and proceed to pay.

If you want to pay your bill, tap on “Bill Payment” instead of “Mobile Recharge” and select the service for which you want to pay (electricity, water bill, etc.) and service provider Choose. Now enter your account details and proceed to pay the amount.



Mobile recharge and bill payment options are right on the home screen on PhonePe. To recharge mobile, tap on “Mobile Recharge”> enter the mobile number (or select the contact name from the list if you are recharging for one of your contacts)> select the amount. You can also check the plans of the given service provider by tapping on the button next to the price input box. Payment method and select it. To recharge for a service, select the service and proceed by tapping on the service provider. Enter your details and proceed to pay.



To recharge your mobile number with Paytm, tap on the app “Mobile Prepaid” on the home screen> enter the mobile number or select from contacts> enter the amount and proceed to pay. You can also tap on “Browse Plans” to see the plans of that specific service provider.

To pay the bills online, you have to select the service on the home screen on the switch tab from the mobile recharge tab. The procedure is the same for each bill payment. Select the service provider> Enter your details> Select the amount and proceed to make the payment.



Flipkart now also allows its users to recharge mobiles or pay bills online. Go to app> tap on the hamburger icon on the left> tap on app bill and recharge ”. Now select the bill you want to pay or tap on “Mobile” to recharge your mobile. In particular, the service is provided by Mobikwik, so you will need to give Mobikwik access to your phone number so that you can create a new account. Once done, you can proceed to recharge your number or pay your bills online.



To recharge your mobile number with Amazon, you have to tap on the “Pay bill” icon on the home screen. On the next screen, you have to select which service you want to pay the bill for or recharge your mobile. To top up your phone, you have to enter your mobile number, operator, circle and amount. You can also view plans for a specific operator. The same procedure is followed for any kind of bill payment on the app.



You can find the option of mobile recharge or bill payment on the home screen under the Smartbuy section. how to recharge mobile online Tap on the icon to enter the section where you will get all the options to pay bills as well as recharge your prepaid mobile number.

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Tap on “Mobile Recharge”> enter your mobile number> choose whether the number is prepaid or postpaid> enter amount. You can change the operator if the app is incorrect. proceed to Pay. Follow the same procedure for bill payment.


Recharge phone number via SMS or missed call

If you are a Vodafone-Idea 2G subscriber, you can recharge your mobile number through SMS or missed to recharge mobile online The amount will be deducted from your bank account and there are specific orders for various bank account holders. You can read all about it here.


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