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Lockdown: game you can play with friend and family during coronavirus


Coronavirus has disrupted the lives of people around the world, forcing them to stay indoors. With India choosing lockdown in all major cities in an effort to curb covid-19 proliferation, people are unable to meet their friends, colleagues, and family, making digital communication the only way to reach and catch others. While this is an essential step towards fighting the outbreak, staying at home indefinitely can become monotonous and boring. So, a game you can play with a friend here’s a list of multiplayer games you can enjoy with your friends during lockdown:


1. Pubg mobile, Pubg 

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is an extremely popular game and has a huge fan base. The battle follows the Royal format where around 100 players are dropped into a huge map where they have to search for weapons and equipment, gear up, and other players have to stand up at last. The battle can be played in teams of the Royal Four, two, or you can head to the battlefield single. PUBG is available on Steam, console, and PC on mobile, and while the mobile version is free, you will have to pay for pc (Rs 999, Lite version is free) and console version (Xbox- Rs 1,300, PS4-Rs 1,999). game you can play with friend PUBG Mobile can be downloaded from the Play Store on Android devices and app stores on iOS devices.


2. Call of duty: warzone 

Warzone is another battle royal that you can play on both the console and the PC. Even though it’s an additional game mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone can be downloaded for free. Since its release earlier this month, Warzone has seen more than 30 million players drop into the game meaning you’ll easily get to play with people. The game adds some new and interesting mechanics to the top of the standard battle royal you can play with friend Warzone also allows 150 players to be on the same map, making it even more intense. So, if you’re interested in checking WarZone on pc, head to and download the game. Console players can go to the PlayStation Store or the Windows Store to get the game.


3. Portal 2

Portal 2 may be quite old, but it’s one of the most entertaining and challenging puzzle games at the same time. You can play it with another friend so it doesn’t have a massive multiplayer experience like others, but it can definitely tempt you the same. The puzzle is sometimes very simple but most difficult and you both have to work together to clear a multitude of levels. If you fail in the game, you won’t have to resume or loosen your progress as it responds to you. Portal 2 is available on Steam for both Windows and Mac for a price of Rs 349.


4. Psych

Psych is a very interesting and fun multiplayer party game on mobile. There are many categories in the game for your detection. ‘game you can play with friend That’s a fact that’s where you try to create facts and fool your friends into believing them. ‘Movie Bluff’ – You’ll be given a movie title, but you and your friends have to plot, again try to ‘psych’ your friends. It’s super simple to get into a match; jut share the code you find on the screen and you’re all set. Psych is available for free on both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the respective store.


5. Fifa soccer 

FIFA Soccer is the mobile version of the popular FIFA game from Electronic Arts. The game allows players to create a team and participate in real-time 11v11 multiplayer mode. The games also offer more than 650 events at the all-new world tour event.


6. Clash of clans 

Clash of Clans is a third-person strategy game in which players can create or join a clan and play the game together. The game allows players to build their village, raise a clan and fight wars to protect the village. The game has recently received a new update that brings many new features like New Town Hall 13, Heroes and more.


7. Counter-strike: global offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another popular PC first-person shooter (FPS) that is one of the top played games consistently. The two teams are terrorists and counter-terrorists, and the main objective for the terrorist is to plant bombs at designated locations on the map. Counter terrorists either have to eliminate all terrorists before planting bombs or defuse it after planting bombs. game you can play with a friend you have to buy weapons at the beginning of each round so spend your money wisely. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is available for free on Steam for Windows and Mac users.


8. mini militia doodle army 2

Mini Militia offers a 2D online multiplayer experience for 6 players where they have to fly using jetpacks and kill their enemies using the weapons found in the map. It has both online and local multiplayer. You can team or play all in 20+ maps that you can choose from. The controls might be something to take but once you do, it’s really fun. Do some offline practice before you head online. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is available for free on play store and app store.


9. Destiny 2 

Destiny 2 is another popular free-to-play first-person shooter game that challenges co-op missions as well as PVP (Player vs Player) mode. You can play through the expedition with your friends and explore beautiful mysterious places spread across different planets. Level with your team and feel the gear that will help you defeat the dark forces, as you try to protect you can play with friend Destiny 2 is available on Steam for PC players and related console stores for Xbox and PlayStation players.


10. Vainglory

Developed by a company called Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory is a free-to-play MOBA (multiplayer online Battle Arena). game you can play with friend It has 3v3 and a 5v5 game mode where two teams start from either end of the map and fight to destroy each other’s base. The way the turrets are before the second team reaches the base, which has to be destroyed first. Kill other players and minions to get to sleep and spend it to become stronger by upgrading your moves and armor. Vainglory is also available for free on Android and iOS as well as on PCs (Steam).


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