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Facebook launched tuned a new shared space app for couples 

Tuned, created by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team, is currently available only in the US and Canada.


Facebook’s tuned app is for couples who want to create a ‘private space’ for themselves.

Facebook’s launched new product experiment team has quietly launched a new app called Tuned, aimed at couples who want to create an intimate space for themselves. The application was previously viewed by Notification and is limited to iOS only. In the app description, it is being billed as a ‘private place’ for couples where they can be themselves.


For couples that are under lockdown, Facebook launched which are set aside for new social distancing norms, tuned can be a new way to connect. The idea with Tuned is to make the couple soulful, quirky, digital scrapbooks, even exchanging music because the app can sync with Spotify.

If couples don’t want to post their messy content on Facebook for the entire newsfeed, then let’s see that the tuned application demonstrates this digital love.

Features of the application include: Creating a “private, scrapbook-style feed” between just couples, connecting to Spotify to share music and playlists, the ability to send photos, notes, cards, voice for you and your partner Setting the mood with memos, etc. The app also has custom stickers and responses to help the couple express themselves better.

According to reports, Tuned does not require a Facebook account to use, although Facebook’s data rules apply to the app as well. Users need 13+ and above to use the tuned app. facebook launched It appears that users have to enter their phone number to connect the app, as it does not require a Facebook account to access it.

One problem, however, is that the tuned app is limited to iOS and would mean that both partners need to be on the ecosystem to use the app. If a partner is on Android, they can’t try the app right now.

In September last year, Facebook dating was announced in the US and other select countries, similar to Tinder. This will let users create a dating profile, and Facebook will show suggestions based on preferences, location, interests, and more.

But unlike Tinder, Facebook dating does not have a swipe right or left feature. If anyone is interested in someone, they can comment directly on the profile. Facebook will also allow people to connect with their Instagram and Facebook stories on the dating service.


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