education amid covid 19

Education amid COVID 19 lockdown technology to the rescue with online classes 


A student from The Army School attends a class above the teams. The school transitioned to remote classes on Teams in November, when they had to stop classes due to pollution in Delhi. 

Amidst the coronavirus epidemic, countries around the world have either kept an isolation policy or implemented a nationwide lockout to prevent the spread of COVID-19. education amid COVID 19 While schools and coaching institutes remain closed, online learning platforms are seeing growth. Some Indian schools and teachers have used teaching to bring students home properly.


Schools using Microsoft Teams for online classes 


Some schools in India, including The Friend School in New Friends Colony (NFC), Delhi and British Schools, are using Microsoft teams to provide distance education to their students. These schools also implemented the online classroom system during the time when schools were closed due to severe air pollution in the national capital some time back.

The Microsoft team is a unified communications platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and file amid COVID 19 The service is integrated with the company’s Office 365 subscription office productivity suite and has extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products. Microsoft representatives provided a step-by-step guide for these schools to connect effectively with students.


BYJU’S sees 6 million new students 


BYJU’S is an online learning platform that hosts both free and paid programs for various courses. The platform works similar to YouTube for free content and requires users to pay to access premium content. BYJU’S has recorded a 150 percent increase in the number of new students following a nationwide lockout in India. In March 2020, more than 6 million new students have started using the app. The platform has launched free live classes on its platform from BYJU’S teachers for students in the 4th to 12th grades.


Zoom for online classes 


Video calling app Zoom is also being used to take online classes. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service to virtually connect people through video or audio calls. Amid the lockdown, the demand for the zoom video calling app has increased over the past month and has also been used by professionals who are working from home.

Zoom, Online EducationZoom, and Hangout are available options to continue learning.

Unfortunately, the application came to know about problems with its privacy settings and incidents of zoom bing, where uninvited participants took a meeting and reported sharing objectionable content. If you are new to zoom, follow these steps to secure your zoom call.


More online learning apps 


BYJU’S is not the only online learning platform. Apps like Unacademy, Shaw Academy, Udemy and GradeUp have been around for a long time now. For those planning to take a professional course, education amid COVID 19  a competitive exam or coaching for a specific skill, you can search for these online learning apps to start at home while the lockdown is in place.

Each application has something different to offer. For others who are already teachers or mentors, you can select Zoom to take the learning curve or look for other video chat apps like Google Hangouts.


Apps for creativity corner 


With a lockdown in place, children at home get stuck at home with limited options for entertainment and learning. However, there are many apps out there that appeal to the creative corner of young people. One such application is Solid Works which comes with tools for creating, styling, designing and printing 3D models. It allows children to draw pictures, create layouts, add materials with different shapes, sizes and colors and make their imagination come true.


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