Germany approves first trial of COVID-19 vaccine candidate

Germany approves first trial of COVID-19 vaccine candidate

The Paul-Erlich-Institute has authorized the first clinical trial of a vaccine against COVID-19 in Germany


BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany gave green light for human trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine developed by German biotech company BioNTech, Germany, the US. And running teams in China to develop an epidemic.

Only worldwide trials of a vaccine targeting the virus will initially be conducted on 200 healthy people, COVID-19 vaccine including as many subjects as possible, some of whom have a higher risk of disease, to be included in the second phase, The German vaccine regulator Paul Ehrlich Institute said on Wednesday.

BioNTech said it was developing four vaccine candidates under a program called BNT162 with its partner, pharma giant Pfizer.

Vaccine testing was also planned in the United States, once regulatory approval was obtained for testing on humans.

BioNTech, which awarded China rights to BNT162 to Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical in a March cooperation deal, COVID-19 vaccine is in the race to develop the Messenger-RI vaccine, Germany’s CureVac and U.S. The biotech firm is competing with Modern.

These molecules act as dishes that direct human cells to produce antigen proteins, which allow the immune system to develop an arsenal against future coronavirus infections.

Modern began testing its experimental vaccine on humans in March.

Last week, two different experimental coronavirus vaccines were approved by China for human testing.COVID-19 vaccine Sinovac Biotech and a unit of Wuhan Institute of Biological Products are developing these compounds.

In March, China green-lighted another clinical trial for a vaccine candidate developed by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences and biotech firm Cancino Bio.



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