COVID 19 Tracker For India: Use This Coronavirus Tracker To Check India Update

COVID 19 tracker for India: use this coronavirus tracker to check India update 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) India Case Live Tracker Map: Currently, many coronavirus trackers are available online but which are reliable? Here are some of them.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) India Affairs Live COVID 19 tracker: Coronavirus cases in India touched the 2000 mark this week. To inform everyone with accurate information about many epidemic tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and some others have taken measures to tackle the spread of misinformation on their platforms. The Indian government has made an application to sensitize people with a COVID 19 tracker website as well as accurate confirmation cases, deaths, recovered cases and other updates related to the coronavirus epidemic.

Currently, many Coronavirus Tracker websites and apps are available online but which are reliable? The following are some reliable that use data from government sources. Always be sure to check the data source of the tracker website before relying on the information to provide.




John Hopkins coronavirus tracker 

John Hopkins Coronavirus Tracker is the most reliable map you can use to get COVID-19 updates in your country as well as neighboring countries. You can check the tracker by clicking here. Tracker allows you to select countries and check updates like confirmed cases, recovered cases, deaths, etc. Countries can be selected from the left corner of the screen while updates will be available on the right. John Hopkins Coronavirus Tracker’s data sources are WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY, 1point3acres,, BNO, State, and National Department of Government Health, and local media reports.  


Corona kavach

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (M. Y) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MHFW) has developed an app called Corona Kavach. The app is now in beta stage. Currently, the app is only available on the Google Play Store in beta – meaning it’s still under development. It is not available for download on the App Store for now. The app shows all the necessary updates related to COVID-19 in India such as confirmed cases, recovered cases, and deaths. It also gives tips to protect itself from being infected with coronavirus.


COVID Tracker only shows updates related to India. This interactive COVID-19 tracker shows the number of cases confirmed state-wise and also provides updates on recovery and death cases. This tracker shows a graphical representation statement to give a better idea about the landscape in the country. Currently, the graph is heading for confirmed and active coronavirus cases in the country. The state-wise presentation provides authentic updates on the status of your state, even if the cases are not increasing. The state-wise graph shows recovery cases and deaths as well as confirmed cases in a particular state. You can see COVID-19

The Government of India has also created a website that provides real-time updates on COVID-19 cases in the country. You can visit the website by clicking here. It provides state-wise updates of COVID-19. In addition to confirmed cases, the site also shows cases of recovery and death. It includes a lot of preventive measures that can be taken to prevent yourself from getting the virus. The details of Pan India lockdown on the government website are also shown state-wise. Then COVID-19 is also available in an app format. The app is also available for Android as well as iOS users. 

This website was created by some students from Goa last month. The tracker is easy to use and shows the total number of confirmed cases in the country. The site also provides information related to deaths due to COVID-19 and recovery cases as well. There is a COVID 19 tracker that provides a better overview of the situation in the country. You can click on the map to get better information in the state you are living in. The website shows the graphical representation of confirmed cases, age demographics in India. It also shows state-wise matters in a clean, easy-to-understand table. The site also shows the distance between you and the nearest COVID-19 confirmation case.





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