carryminati Youtuber channel hacked

Youtuber carryminati’s channel hacked: hackers ask for bitcoin donations

CarryMinati’s YouTube channel was hacked on day one. What happened here after that


Cariminati’s YouTube channel was hacked on day one. The hackers broke into Cariminati’s YouTube channel and asked customers for bitcoin donations. Soon after the channel was hacked, Minati took to Twitter to inform YouTube of the incident and asked for “immediate help”. The video platform was quick to respond and solve the problem.

Cariminati, whose real name is Ajay Nagar, tweeted, “@YouTubeIndia my channel Carriekive has been hacked, needing immediate help.” YouTube apologized in response to the first tweet and asked it to join the DM to get the channel back. Team YouTube tweeted, “We’re really sorry that this happened. Mind chasing us …

carryminati Youtuber channel hacked
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The incident was similar to the Twitter bitcoin scandal, with some popular celebrities such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama among others compromised.

Specifically, CarryMinati’s second YouTube channel which goes by the name CarryIislive was hacked. The account currently has 6.67 million subscribers. The main CarryMinati account has 24 million subscribers. In the Caricillive channel, he only posts gaming-related videos.

The hackers allegedly changed the account details along with the account details for bitcoin donations. Hackers said that CarryMinati’s old Bihar charity stream has been streamed, with Bitcoin’s address details to trick customers.


Fans took to Twitter to express their concern about the hacking incident.

fans blame YouTube for the hacking incident. Cariminati gained access to the channel after a long-term compromise. The channel’s display photo is currently removed, perhaps as part of the recapture process.


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