AR tool google lets you cut, copy, paste real world to your PC

AR tool google lets you cut, copy, paste real world to your PC


A new use-case for Augmented Reality (AR) has been discovered and it makes the job of a designer much easier. Cyril Digne, a developer at Google Arts and Culture, has demonstrated a new AR tool that allows users to copy and paste real life.

In a video posted on Twitter, Diegan is seen using AR to copy scenes from the real world and paste them onto digital documents. AR tool google will make the job of designers much easier, as they will be able to take a photo, edit it and then insert a cut-out, instead of pointing their phone cameras at an object and copy-pasting it to their PC. Document.


The tool displayed by Diagne is only a research prototype for now and has not been developed for Google Arts and Culture.

In his tweet, Diagon stated that his AR Cut and Paste demo has some moving parts. The first component separates the foreground object from the background with the help of machine learning. AR tool google The second component detects where your phone is pointing at the PC screen. He said that the whole process takes about 6.5 seconds to complete: 2.5 seconds to copy the object and four seconds to paste it.

He also explains that this process can be done with the help of other professionals, which is why this code is put on GitHub for anyone to see. He wants contributors to help improve the tool.

AR tool google lets you cut, copy, paste real world to your PC

Until now, AR was used to project digital images in the real world. However, it reverses the process and brings physical things into the digital world. AR tool google We have seen how AR technology is used in how we will look in certain clothes, how a piece of furniture will fit inside our house, how we can bring an animal into our home, and more.


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