apple iphone 9 launch date

Apple iPhone 9 launch date and all you need to know

The iPhone 9 is expected to come out soon as the successor to the iPhone SE from 2016. Expect a lower cost than the OnePlus 7T, this might be the best value for our time money iPhone.



  • The iPhone 9 will be based on the iPhone 8 but will use the guts of the iPhone 11.
  • Apple may launch the iPhone 9 in India in March 2020.
  • The prices of the iPhone 9 are expected to start from Rs 35,000.



The past few weeks, a lot has come about the next low-cost iPhone from our iPhone 9 aka iPhone SE 2 aka Apple is expected to come back to the sub-40,000 segment to shake up the market with its low-cost iPhone. Similar to the iPhone SE from 2016, the iPhone 9 is expected to be a new phone that will make Apple out of the existing accessories available in its parts bin. It may not look exciting but a new iPhone with the latest specifications is always a great purchase under Rs 40,000.

The basic idea behind the iPhone 9 is quite simple. Apple will essentially sell you an iPhone 8 with the guts of the new iPhone 11 at a price that is more affordable for the crowd used for new Android phones at this price. Apple is said to be considering capturing substantial market share in developing countries like India where demand for low-cost phones is at an all-time high.

If you’re reading this piece, chances are you’ll be interested in getting the iPhone 9 once it rolls out of factories. Apple iPhone 9 launch date Hence, it would be nice to submit all the stuff that we know about it so far from leaks and rumors


iPhone 9: what will this be all about?

The iPhone 9 is Apple’s idea of doing a low-cost smartphone and it means you miss the luxury you get on the iPhone X or newer models.

-Apple is rumored to use the body of the iPhone 8 as the base of the iPhone 9. That means you’re getting a very compact iPhone with thick bezels around, but one that’s light in hands. If you hated the iPhone X-esque design and wanted to own a classic-looking iPhone, your prayers have been answered.

– Since the iPhone 9 will use the same body as the iPhone 8, you will get the same 4.7-inch IPS LCD retina display. To keep costs low, the display will lose 3D Touch and it will depend on the haptic touch for long press functions and menus.

-Keeping in mind the low-cost theme, Apple will use the TouchID system with the home button for the last time. Yes, FaceID not coming on this one you will get the advanced facial recognition feature to go for an iPhone XR.

-Apple will upgrade the internal iPhone 9 from iPhone 8 to maintain demand for modern performance. The A13 Bionic chip is rumored to make its way with 3GB of RAM. This means you can expect great performance from the iPhone 9 and OS updates for up to five years.

– The cameras are an important part of any iPhone and the iPhone 9 will not be left behind. There will still be a single camera at the back but it will use the same 12-megapixel camera from the iPhone 11. Therefore, you can expect the same still photo and video display as the iPhone 11 series on the baby iPhone. However, the front camera will retain the iPhone 8 to 7-megapixel unit.

-No information about the battery has been found but it seems that the battery capacity may remain unchanged. You can expect wireless charging to be present on the iPhone 9 thanks to the glass rear panel.


When will iPhone 9 launch India and at what price?


The price is still largely a guessing game, but there is some reliable information on the launch date. Based on some leaks from tipsters, the iPhone 9 has completed its testing phase and Apple will start mass production of the iPhone 9 from February 2020. Apple iPhone 9 launch date is expected to officially unveil the iPhone 9 in March and it will go on sale in the first quarter of 2020 in India. So, you can expect to see the iPhone 9 in stores by March or April.

As for pricing, the iPhone 9 is expected to start at a price of less than Rs 40,000. In 2016, the iPhone SE sold for Rs 34,999 and we can expect Apple to replicate the same pricing for the iPhone 9. If Apple iPhone 9 launch date goes ahead with that pricing, the iPhone 9 could be cheaper than the premium phones of both OnePlus and Samsung.



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