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5 Things Your Android Phone Can Better Than iPhones

The entire Android vs. iOS debate never ends.


Although it all descends on personal choice, the android phones can better than iPhones you will be surprised at the fact that many people are still obsessed with the operating systems they use and how they compare against others.

We are not getting into that debate. Nor are we suggesting that Android is better than iOS. We both love the OS and we think they both have unique features that make them great why android is better than iPhone

However, there are some things that only Android phones can do.

5 things your Android phone can better than iPhones

Android phone can do this


We’ll take a look at 5 things that only an Android phone can do and it will make all Apple fanboys super jealous. android phone can better than iPhones It is worth noting that these features can also come in iOS, but while writing it, you can only do these things on Android.

Here, see them:


1. Use Two Apps At The Same Time

One of our favorite features to use on Android phones is split-screen multitasking.

It works exclusively on Android phones with large displays, such as the OnePlus 7T Pro or Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Almost all Android phones run on Android 7.0 Nougat or above. IOS, sadly, you won’t use two apps at the same time, at least for now. But we think it is coming very soon because IPadOS already runs on Apple’s iPad.


2. Homescreen Customization


5 things your Android phone can better than iPhones

Android customization options are just a breeze to work on and it is a place where you can really show your creativity and create a really unique setup for yourself.

The home screen optimization community on Android is huge and is arguably one of the best features of Android. Right now, Apple’s iPhones don’t even have a home screen.

As soon as you unlock your phone, you go directly to the apps page, but this can change very soon.


3. Automatically Change Wallpaper

For many people, having a good wallpaper on their phone is really important. Some people say that it really reflects your character and says a lot about you. Okay, let’s not get into that conversation, android phone can better than iPhones but it’s always good to keep your home screen clean and fresh with new wallpapers.

With Android, you can use a third-party app or Google’s very own app to automatically change your wallpaper on a daily basis.

Android phone can do this

This is something that iPhone users cannot do. The only thing iOS now provides is to dynamically change the wallpaper shade to match your system’s dark mode.


4. Use Third-party Launcher


Use Third party Launcher

Yes, it is somewhat related to the home screen customization part, but you can do a lot more with third-party launcher than just home screen customization.

Apps like Nova Launcher can allow you to change the system app icon, app icon size, grid size, app page grid size, android vs iPhone and things completely.

It will easily take you a day to examine all the options and correct it. Currently, none of this is possible on iOS.


5. Google Assistant FTW

No, we are not saying that Apple’s Siri is bad in any way. But there is no denying that Google Assistant is just you, you know better.

There are several reasons that Siri is not the best in its current form, but Google has the advantage of its own database due to which it can quickly give you the right answer. Siri just isn’t strong enough.

Apple has really done a lot to improve Siri over the years, but there is still a long way to go.

Maybe someday we’ll remove this particular point, but we’ll stick to Google Assistant for now.

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