5 useful Features coming in Android 11: Developer Preview 3 Edition

5 useful Features coming in Android 11: Developer Preview 3 Edition

Android 11 will likely bring large previews to recent apps, Ethernet tethering support and more


Android 11 Developer Preview 3 dropped earlier this week as the latest and possibly final developer preview for the next version of Android. Google will start rolling out beta versions starting next month. Android 11 Developer Preview 3 (DP3) is available on all supported Pixel smartphones and if you’re running Developer Preview 2, chances are you’ve already received an over-the-air (OTA) update notification for DP3. As expected, tech blogs and websites are revolving around DP3 to find out what new features this version brings and we can expect Android 11 official later this year Will be available as

Before going further it is important to note that it is very possible that some of the following features may not end up in the stable version of Android 11. Google, like other operating system manufacturers, experiments with features before deciding which one makes the most sense. Include in the final version.

Without further ado, here are five useful and interesting new features coming to Android 11 or at least part of the Android 11 Developer Preview. The features we are listing here are consumer-facing changes if you are interested. In developer-specific changes, you can see our release report for Android 11 Developer Preview 3.


Larger previews in recent apps

According to XDA developers, Google recently added large previews to the apps screen in Android 11 DP3. As seen in the screenshot below, the design of the actual preview is similar to the preview in Android 11, however, the preview size is much larger. Also, Google has added two new shortcuts in the form of screenshots and shares. While the screenshot option will take a screenshot of the app that appears in the recent app screen, the share button takes a screenshot and opens the share sheet for quick sharing.


New screenshot pop-up 

Google has also tweaked the pop-up when you capture the screenshot and it is now very small and seen on iOS devices. Instead of a large pop-up at the top of the screen, Developer Preview 3 shows a smaller version of the screenshot that you took lower-left of the screen. It is accompanied by options to dismiss the notification, share screenshots, and edit it.


Improved app permission

Google has been continuously trying to fix app permissions in the last few versions of Android and continues to work with Android 11 as well. The company has added a new option to Android 11 Developer Preview 3 that will revoke the app’s permission if the app is not used for a few months. This should help prevent users from having their data removed by a malicious app.


Ethernet tethering 


Android 11 DP3 also adds a new option in the hotspot and tethering menu in the form of Ethernet tethering. This will essentially allow people to connect a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to their Android phone and then connect a LAN cable to that adapter and their PC to access the Internet from their phone. This is a niche feature but would definitely help when you are trying to use the Internet on a desktop that does not have Wi-Fi support.


Ability to dismiss persistently notification

According to Android Authority, Google has added the ability to continuously dismiss notifications in DP3. Although Android users can dismiss most notifications in Android 10, persistent notifications that sometimes show applications running in the background cannot be dismissed. Google is allowing users to delete those in DP3, frequent notifications that have been dismissed will be moved to the history panel that started with DP2 and will become part of the bus list. Users will be able to tap on that list to see the continuous notifications dismissed.  



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