Online Shopping- 10 Tips to Save Money

Online Shopping- 10 Tips to Save Money

Online shopping has caught the imagination of many Indians to save money. In fact, many analysts are terming the year 2014 as a ‘ success ‘ year for online shopping tips to save money. The profitability of e-commerce companies is still a distant dream. To gain a customer’s market share and mind share, offering deep discounts seems to be a survival strategy. In many cases, online products were sold below the manufacturing price. The funding received by these e-commerce players is being used to offer discounts tips to save money for online shopping. The strategy for making online shopping customers habitual is very simple. Discounts will not disappear from the online channel reason any savings from operational efficiency will be passed on to customers. In short, any discount savings for the customer thus help save money.

Tips to save money

1. Add product to shopping cart and leave

One of the best strategies for getting online shopping discounts is to add the products you want to buy in shopping carts. It is also known as the abandoned train. Abandoned cart is one of the major issues for e-commerce players and no one has a permanent solution. The only solution to deal with this problem is to provide discounts to customers who skip the shopping cart. best tips to save money Now you should wait for a few days and you will get discount coupons via email or SMS to complete online shopping orders. Please note that this technique can only work once or twice. If the e-commerce player sees that you are wont “cart absconding” then your wait for online shopping discount coupons will be endless.

2. Credit card offer

The best way to get discounts. The only condition is you should keep the credit card of the. Recently, I used this opportunity and availed a 10% discount on multiple products through online shopping using HDFC Bank credit cards. The only other aspect is that these deals are only available for high-value online shopping that normally ranges from Rs 7500 and above

3. Discount on high-value shopping

Some e-commerce sites offer more discounts if the total purchase price exceeds a particular threshold. For example, one of the fashion website was offering 20% extra discount if the total purchase price exceeds Rs 10,000. Now, it’s a wrong strategy to buy more just to get discounts. tips to save money The best solution is to do a cost-benefit analysis. For example, if your total bill is Rs 8,000 and if I add goods worth Rs 2,000, there will be a 20% discount on Rs. 8,000, i.e., Rs. 10,000 to be eligible for exemption as compared to my bill. Another option is to create a shopping pool. For example, if my wife and her 2 other friends are planning to buy from an e-commerce website then all 3 can place single orders and avail discounts. By the way, as this strategy is hurting my pocket so I want to feel the pinch of other husbands:)

4. Discount coupon

Some time ago I wrote a dedicated post on online discount coupons – save when you shop. The scenario has changed considerably, e-commerce companies are now roaming themselves/moving. Floating online shopping discount coupons. Discount coupons have lost their uniqueness. The logic of the e-commerce company is very simple. To create an assumption that online shopping means discounts or savings. Secondly, tips to save money customers who are not lovers of technology can buy without discounts that will compensate customers purchased with discounts. In short, to maintain the market share of deal seekers at any cost. These deal-seekers are solely responsible for the development of online shopping in India.

5. Cashback

The value of the cashback offered is higher on the Challengers website in the e-commerce space. I remember, when I started buying a grocery from Bigbasket about a year ago, the discount offered was up to 15% but now it has a maximum of Rs. 50. Big boys don’t offer high discounts. By the way, if you opt for any service from my website, you will also get a discount if the payment is made through the PayuMoney payment gateway.

6. Price comparison

Price comparison websites show the current price of a particular product on different e-commerce websites. the cheapest offering. Recently I was planning to buy a heater and was checking the price through a similar website. I was surprised that the heater, which was spent at a price of Rs 2500 to Rs 2800, was available on the prestigious e-commerce site for Rs 2300. When I clicked, I noticed that the seller is also charging Rs 300 for shipping so the total cost for online shopping was Rs 2600. I felt created the problem with price comparison sites is that data is not updated regularly and most sites are only associated with certain e-commerce players. Older boys are only associated with famous price comparison portals.

7. New customer

Online marketing has been developed over a period of time. It’s your laptop/laptop. It can be detected via cookies on the desktop. One of the best examples I saw is one of the leading sites which children deal with in the product. A pop-up appears with a discount code. It also tracks, categories, browse by customer and track abandoned categories. Discounts are offered accordingly. You will be offered discounts… Happy Online Shopping

8. Festival season

Especially between Dussehra and Diwali is the best time to buy or receive deep discounts during the festive season. I usually buy all the big-ticket items during this period and get some good deals. For example, this year, I 🙂 Nikon DSLR an additional discount of Rs 4000 Bought. If you can wait, wait for Diwali to get some good discounts.

9. Discount coupon for new registration

Indian customers don’t know that e-commerce players are super smart because they want to increase their customer base so they want you to register every time, many times. This is being done to increase the valuation of the company. Anyway, the customer should not be bothered about this so far the customer is saving money and getting discounts.

10. Shop through mobile app

Last but not least, a new trend has emerged to build a customer shop through the mobile app Huge discounts are offered for shopping through the mobile app Recently, a leading e-commerce player launched an exclusive shopping festival for customers who just downloaded. And though the mobile app has been ordered. The reason for mobile focus is very simple, don’t give customers time to think or think again. I may not have access to a desktop or laptop at all times, but I have access to mobile. If I have time to think or compare, I can change my mind. Should buy online shopping impulses. Moreover, the chances of checking various other sites on mobile screens are quite low.
As I always say, “a rupee saved one rupee is earned” provided it is not an impulse purchase. Before shopping online, you should ask how many times you are going to use this product in the next 3 months. You can close the browser if the answer is only 2-3 times. Whatever you are buying, you can buy online if it is needed because currently, it is a golden period for online shopping customers. Everyone is fighting wallet stock for customers and stay afloat. This period will not run forever because “profitability” will kick in. Investors who have put money into e-commerce companies will ask for profits. The scenario would be similar to the telecom sector, tariffs were reduced so that customers get used to mobile phones. After one phase, elasticity kick in value and the customer became elastic in value i.e. an increase in tariffs would not leave of users or customers. Gradually, customers became addicted to mobile phones

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