best hair wax for men in indian

Best hair wax for men in Indian



You have grown them. And now you’re all about maintaining them, dearly. On some occasions, they turn a little awry, turn into flyways and annoy hell from everyone around you (yes, not just you!). Mops, as they call them, if not invested on a daily basis, can actually take you for a hefty ride. Therefore, it becomes very important to invest in premium hair wax for men. 


Top 10 Hair Wax For Indian Men

But before you decide on buying a hair wax for yourself, there are a few things that you should keep in mind – think of these as golden rules so as to make sure your choice of hair wax is for men one that you won’t regret anytime soon: 

1. Think about the brand you’re choosing: As in the case of almost any product, you should always pay close attention to the brand you’re buying from. This becomes even more necessary when you are dealing with grooming products, especially the obligatory beauty for men. We let you opt for products from Ustraa, Beardo, and Gatsby as they are premium brands that come with a grade hair wax for men.

2. Do you have short hair or long hair: it may seem a little obvious, but you’ll be surprised to know that an alarmingly large number of people ignore this one basic factor. The length of your hair – whether it is short or tall – is extremely essential in deciding the type of wax you should be using as some products are more effective for short hair, while others cater better for longer hair.    

3. Do, if any, face hair problems: Do you suffer from hair fall? Are partition ends your greatest nemesis? Has the Russian decided to make his hair his natural habitat? Whatever hair problems you may face, they have to take care before buying hair wax. After all, you don’t want to make the problem worse now, right? 

4. What’s your budget: You don’t have to go on your budget just to get your hands on premium hair wax. In fact, there are many budget-friendly options from reputable brands available, so make sure you don’t forget what your budget is when you’re searching for hair wax for yourself.


Another important aspect of fur on your scalp is to ensure that it looks fully educated. Which, to be honest, is only a comb (a hair-standing brush, preferably) and well-off – a hair gel/hair gel. Wax/Wax Possible with pomade. It’s a magical product that’s available for every budget/budget. So, because they’re that important, here are the 10 best hair wax for men out there:


Check out the best hair waxes for men Indian that will take your hair game to the next level 


1. Ustraa hair wax for styling,100 gm

Ustraa is one of those brands that has always curated premium grooming essentials for men and as it turns out, from their collection to this hair wax that trend isn’t going to buck up anytime soon. Crafted using natural ingredients and essential oils, this SLS and paraben-free product will help create a matte look for your hair, maintain your natural oil and double-down as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent. For a mere Rs. 299, which makes for a very big deal.


Major ingredient: corn-based fixative and lemon essential oil


Most useful for: gatting a matte texture 


MRP: Rs 299


2. Gatsby leather styling wax 75 gm

Gatsby is probably a brand that most men immediately feel when they’re searching for premium hair wax for themselves. As such, this leather styling wax from their collection is an incredibly powerful version that won’t even burn any holes in your wallet. Allowing different textures (different from shiny to matte) to settle on your hair, you can use this hair wax regardless of the length of your hair, as it caters to both short and long hair.


The most useful for: Getting a thicker matte finish that will give your hair a unique glow 


MRP: Rs 170


3. Schwarzkopf professional osis flexwax,85 gm

If your primary concern is to look for a hair wax that settles on your hair for as long as possible, look no further than this professional Osis flexwax from Schwarzkopf. While a little more expensive than your competitors, it makes you more for it by providing uber strong grip without compromising on your personal sense of style. 


The most useful for: Getting an ultra-strong grip that will last all day long 


MRP: Rs 662


4. beardo cream power hair wax,75 gm

While Beardo is mostly known for curating beauty products that meet the needs of your beard and mooch, this creme power hair wax for men is a powerful and a-grade product that will help give your hair thickness and texture. Incredibly easy to implement, it will make for a great (and very cost-effective!) addition to your grooming regimen.

Most useful for: Give your hair thickness and texture

MRP: Rs 395


5. set wet hair wax,75 gm

This hair wax from set weight is perfect for those who may be on tight budgets but do not want to compromise on quality. Perfect for getting a crispy look with a matte or glossy texture, this water, and wine-infused version works incredibly well on any hairstyle — be it bouncy, curly or spiking. However, it is not suitable for restyling, so keep this in mind. 


Key Ingredients: Water and Wine 

Most useful for: Setting your hair if you are in a hurry

MRP: Rs 159


6. park avenue soft hold hair wax 75, gm

First, just opt for the fact that you are getting a hair wax for a mere Rs 85 it not only makes this list the most affordable product but also an incredible deal (consider all of its features). Not only will it help nourish your hair, but it will also help fight humidity and maintain its natural moisture. Simply put, you won’t find a product that will give you better value for better money than this.   


Key Ingredients: Aqua and Pro-Vitamin B5

Most useful for: getting a soft grip with humidity resistance and moisture retention 

MRP: Rs 85


7. L’Oreal Paris Force 2 Hair Wax, 50ml

And you thought L’Oreal was the only woman to cater to compulsory beauty, didn’t you? Well, this Force 2 hair wax, which is infused with cornstarch and wax rich formula, will make an incredibly useful addition to your grooming needs. If getting a shiny and non-sleek look is your numero uno priority, then wax this hair from the L’Oreal Paris collection just what you were looking for. 


Key Elements: Aqua, Cornstarch, and Wax

The most useful for: getting a shiny and non-sleek look

MRP: Rs 562


8. raw natural hair wax,45 gm

Rich in natural ingredients such as sunflower wax, olive oil, and bergamot oil, this hair wax from raw nature will work wonders on your hair. Perfect for getting a medium grip, it will help stimulate your hair follicles and rinse them effortlessly too, making your hair feel lighter and fresh throughout the day. 


Key ingredients: sunflower wax, water and essential oil (bergamot, sweet orange, and olive oil)

Most useful for: Getting deep conditioning with a medium grip.

MRP: Rs 525


9. Tigi bed head matte separation workable wax, 85 gm

Its slightly high price don’t let you bypass this amazing product from TIGI as it is one of the best hair wax for men there. Enriched with a wax and Serra carnauba mixture, using this grooming essential sing will give your hair a firm grip, increase more texture and its definition as well. 


Key ingredients: beeswax, glycerin, and vinyl caprolactam

Most useful for: humidity resistance is getting a flexible texture with providing a matte definition

MRP: Rs 1003


10. dove man+care fortifying styling hair wax, 7 ounce 

While it is priced slightly on the high side, this fortified hair gel from Pigeon Men + Care is a beauty all-rounder. It will help keep your hair in a strong grip and give it a smooth finish, all the while making sure your hair does all the time you talk to get to a party or social event. 


Key Ingredients: Water, Caffeine, and Tetrasodium


The most useful for: getting a smooth finish with a strong grip


MRP: Rs 981






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