best deodorant for men in indiaBest deodorant for men under 300 that you should check out 


The smell of the body is a real issue. However, this is not one of those issues that cannot be dealt with in a jiffy. While maintaining personal hygiene should be enough to deal with the norm – it doesn’t quite cut it for us, courtesy most of us have put up with throughout the year. The simplest solution is using best deodorant. Just spray it after your morning shower, and you should be set to the rest of the day. But what are the factors that should be kept in mind before buying a best deodorant for yourself? Especially if you’re on budget?

1. Opt for reliable brands: As any deodorant will be coming into direct contact with your skin, it is important that you opt for reliable and reputable brands. Park Avenue, Brut, and Nivea are the three brands you can choose from.  

2. Stick to your budget: You don’t need to pay more than one grand just to get a good deodorant. Nowadays, more than ever, reputable brands are coming out with affordable variants, ensuring you don’t need to go over your budget. 

3. Research about product ingredients: Since your skin will be exposed directly to your deodorant, you need to make sure that it does not contain any ingredients that can be harmful to your skin or cause unwanted allergic reactions.  


So, in view of all this, we have come up with a list of best deodorant for men under Rs. 300, who will be able to work without burning any holes in your wallet.


The 10 best deodorants for men that will help you easily combat body odor!


1. Adidas dynamic pulse deodorant, 150 ml

If you were under the false assumption that Adidas as a brand only dealt with in-game essentials, this dynamic Pulse version from their collection would help you think otherwise. Infused with the aroma of green apples, cedar leaves, and rosemary, this musky fragrance will last you an entire day, making it a great soldier in your war against body odor.


Price Rs, 150


2. Nivea fresh active original 48 hours deodorant 150 ml 

this blog-deodorant keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day. Rich in a fragrance that is infused with water extracts, this Nivea version will help you fight body odor for up to 48 hours! Moreover, it is not at all rigid on your skin and is also cost-effective at just Rs 123. 


Price: Rs, 123


3. Brut original deodorant spray, 200 ml

Brut is a brand known for its deodorant around the world. So if you like something strong, this deo is your jam. Spray something in the morning and you will be ready to take on the rest of the day with confidence. Perfect for someone who always runs and is used to take public transport, it is super affordable as well 


Price Rs, 275.


4. Dove man+care antiperspirant deodorant 150 ml 

Tested and approved by dermatology, this antiperspirant deodorant from Pigeon Men+ Care is infused with a quarter moisturizer technique that helps protect your skin from any possible irritation. Not only will it help you fight the body odor for 48 hours, but it is also incredibly affordable.


Price Rs,135


5. Axe Dark Temptation 150 ml 

Remember the advertisement where this man sprayed this deo on himself and immediately turned into chocolate? Well, it doesn’t happen at all, but quite close! This deo smells of dark chocolate from the first spray. Axe is the most iconic aroma ever known worldwide for crafting and it hits one all the notes and even goes beyond that. Marinate yourself in chocolate all day long or gift it to someone, make them invincible anywhere they go!


Price Rs, 150


6. Fogg fresh oriental black series for man 150 ml  

Fog is undoubtedly one of the most popular deodorants for men, and it has been exclusively their USP. The most distinctive fragrance, a spray can last all day, if you don’t sweat a lot. If you do this, feel free to run some tests and errors. The soothing, refreshing, long-lasting fragrance that goes up to 800 spray walks into a room and you may even if you are a hidden ninja will still be recognized, thanks to the unique smell given by this dev. Fresh, quiet and long-lasting, Fog remains true to their tagline “Fog Brewing Raha Hain.”


Price: Rs 225


7. Nick Urban musk deodorant, 200 ml 

Considered one of the most premium brands around the world for sporting goods, this Nike Urban Dev is equipped with a fragrance that is infused with powerful musk notes. Simply put, it will help you ward off the body’s smell as never before.


Price: Rs, 224


8. United color of Benetton united dream be strong deodorant 150 ml

This UCB dev has a fragrance that communicates with spicy tastes, grapefruit notes, lime and mandarin, cedarwood and incense base notes and jasmine flower notes-making it a powerful option to fight the smell of the body. 


MRP: Rs, 260


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