How to weight gain quickly

how to weight gain quickly 


So much nutrition and dietary advice is aimed at losing weight, but if you’re too thin, you can have a loss on how to gain weight. Instead of trying to gorge yourself with masses of sweet, rich, or fatty foods, choosing high-calorie foods that provide energy and build muscle without all Unhealthy fats can harm you


How to be start 

If you have a high metabolism or exercise the weight gain equation is very simple and you consume more calories if you do not take food to meet your need than you can keep yourself at a calories deficit If you don’t have a clue how many calories you burn per day, use the online calorie calculator to find out. Next, build a diet plan that exceeds that price. The 3,500 calories per rule has been used to set up diets – one pound equals 3,500 calories of fat then is thought to reduce or result in 500 calories of fat loss or profit each week – but it’s unclear how accurately per pound The rule results in actual 3500 calories is y or how well it will work to establish a weight-gaining diet. 2 though, adding around 500 calories each and every day — ideally energy with dense foods and snacks — should give you the extra calories you need to increase your weight.

To launch your weight gain strategy, here are eight nutritious, high calorie (bust still healthy) foods to add to your list:


1. Milk 

Milk provides a mixture of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.


It is also a great source of vitamins and minerals including calcium.


A study found that after a resistance training workout, skim milk helped to build muscle more effectively than a soy-based product for drinking.


A similar study involving women in resistance training showed better results in those who drank milk after a workout.


Milk can be added to the diet throughout the day for anyone looking for weight gain


2.Protein shake

Protein shake is a good option and it is also an option and it is also available in different flavor but it is only the person who is tired because our body is going to take a protein shake.

However, it is important to note that the premade shake often contains added sugar and other additives that should be avoided. Check the label carefully.


A series of protein shakes are available for purchase in health food stores and online



A cup of rice contains 200 calories it is also a good carbohydrate it is also good at gaining weight you can also add it to your meal.and we can add rice in one or two meal this is slow digestive carbohydrate


4.Red meat

Consuming red meat has been splitting to gain good protein and weight from nonveg and red meat is the best for this and it also makes us your muscle 


Streak contains both Lucine and creatine nutrients which play an important role in increasing muscle mass streak and other red meat contain both protein and fat that promote weight gain.


While a person is advised to limit has intake cutting red meat in excess is healthier for the heart than fattier cuts.


Adding lean red meat to the diet of 100 women aged 60-90 helped them increase strength by 18 percent while undergoing weight gain and resistance training, a study found.


5.Nut and peanut butter

Consuming nuts regularly can help a person gain weight safely nuts are a great snack and can be mixed into any meals including salad raw o dried roasted nuts.


Peanut butter made without added sugar or hydrogenated oils can also help the only ingredients in these butter should be walnuts.


A range of peanut butter is available for purchase online.


6.Whole grain bread 


These bread contain complex carbohydrates that can promote weight some also contain seed that provided additional benefits. And you can also say bread with peanut butter it also helps to gain weight.


7.Other starches

Starch helps some of the already listed food for muscle growth and weight gain that add bulk to the food and increase the number of calories consumed.


Other food rich in starch include


. Potatoes 






.oats meal 


.sweet potato 




.whole grain bread


In addition to adding calories, starch provides energy in the form of glucose. Glucose is stored in the body as glycogen. Research shows that glycogen can improve performance and energy during exercise.


8.Salmon fish

Six ounces of salmon will contain about 240 calories, and salmon is also rich in healthy fats, making it a good choice for those looking to gain weight.


And fish also has a lot of nutrients and the most important nutrients are omega 2 and a lot of protein.



Egg is a very good source of protein and contains whole proteins and healthy fats as well and contains the highest amount of nutrients and egg yolk


And for those who go to any type of workout or gym egg is most impotent for them and it is also very cheap and good and whole source of protein.



Yogurt is a good source of fat protein calcium and a person looking to gain weight should choose full-fat cheese. 


Yogurt is now good in summer it also protects us from heat for the body and by adding potato in it becomes very goof protein and carbohydrate. 


11.Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has very high fat, high-calorie food and is also an antioxidant


A person thinking about increasing the weight dark chocolate is the best option is contains a lot of 70 percent of pure cocoa and you can purchase and try it on. 



Pasta is also very high calorically and carbohydrate and is also very healthy and it is good for weight gain and it


But do not take bleached pasta you should take the pasta with whole gain.



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