Sonu Sood show how to make face shield using transparent file cover 

Sonu Sood show how to make face shield using transparent file cover 


In light of the current epidemic, it has become mandatory to cover our faces. While making a face mask at home is an option chosen by many people, you can also make a face shield at home. If you are concerned about this process, then there is a need to know about this process.

Sonu Sood, who is doing some exemplary work to ease the plight of migrant workers, recently shared a video showing how to do it at home. Just take a transparent file cover, Sonu Sood cut it in two, so that you have different sheets. Now, using a punching machine punch make two holes on the side. Put your glasses in those holes and wear your face shed.


Watch how to do it in the video.

Try this 😷

Posted by Sonu Sood on Monday, May 4, 2020


In the past, many celebrities have shown easy, cost-effective ways to make these preventive items at home. Vidya Balan used blouse pieces to make masks. All you need is a piece of clean cloth (in its case, a blouse piece) and two rubber bands.

Actor Ronit Roy also showed how t-shirts are used as masks. “Many people are saying that they are unable to buy the mask due to its unavailability in the market and in such situations, how do they protect themselves from coronavirus epidemics. As per the government guidelines, we are asked to cover our mouth, eyes, ears, and eyes. They have also asked us not to touch our faces to be safe. So, here I will tell you how to use the T-shirt as a mask, ”he captioned the video.

Time to make the face shields at home?

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