green tea with this simple immunity booster

Coronavirus: green tea with this simple immunity booster drink 

Time to boost your immunity with a healthy concoction. 


While a lot of us have come to realize the importance of building immunity in the wake of the current coronavirus epidemic, green tea with this simple immunity booster some of us aren’t even sure about how to make it. Given the changing weather, having low immunity can lead to many health issues.

But what is immunity? Immunity is said to be about the body’s natural defense against disease-causing bacteria and viruses. green tea with this simple immunity booster can significantly reduce the odds of getting sick. One of the easiest ways to make immunity is not to look beyond one’s kitchen because kitchen spices are considered extremely helpful in helping the body prevent issues.


Immunity booster concoction 



Thin Piece – Raw Turmeric

Slender Slice – Ginger

Pinch – Cinnamon

1 cup – water




* Mix all ingredients. Boil the mixture.

* Drink once or twice a day.


According to Agarwal, the concoction is a rich source of antioxidants that can boost one’s health over a period of time


Benefits of ginger 

Trust ginger to boost immunity.

Studies in the past have shown that ginger helps digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties and increases metabolism. It also has an incredible impact on fighting cold and flu as ginger is said to be diuretic that makes the body sweat and overcome issues affecting immunity.



Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

A pinch of turmeric is said to be useful in fighting respiratory health issues as it contains a photo-derivatives called curcumin which is said to include healing properties. Due to its anti-inflammatory compounds, it helps to relieve cough.



Ensure good health with a pinch of cinnamon.

As an immune stimulant, cinnamon is said to fight colds and reduce systemic inflammation from chronic health conditions.




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