Coronavirus paramedic: easy tips for diabetics to stay safe

Coronavirus paramedic: easy tips for diabetics to stay safe

Make sure you monitor your sugar levels at home if you’re diabetic.

While the novel coronavirus affects children and the elderly more, it can be equally fatal for people suffering from diabetes as the chances of infection flare-up, according to Dr. Jothdev Keshavdev MD, a diaspora in Thiruvananthapuram. In a video message, Dr. Keshavdev spoke about the causative relationship between possible coronavirus infection and diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2. “I don’t say Covid-19 is a deadly disease. easy tips for diabetics to stay safe It is a fast-spreading disease but the case desire rate is relatively low. However, in the presence of diabetes, the incidence of deaths as infections flare-up is slightly higher, he explained.

While the COVID-19 epidemic can affect any healthy person, studies say those with a history of chronic illnesses, medical complications (like diabetes, hypertension) are considered to be in a “high risk” category for infection and performance development of severe symptoms Medium for.easy tips for diabetics to stay safe, Therefore, the coronavirus scare is all risky for people suffering from diabetes.

Here’s why

In their hands and it doesn’t risk, with an acute condition like diabetes, it becomes all the more important to take the necessary precautions.
Your body is as healthy as your immune system is. When a person suffers from diabetes, it does not just affect the body’s blood sugar levels but also compromise insulin production levels in the body. When it goes for a spin, it can have permanent complications, especially on immunity. People with high or unmanaged blood sugar levels are lower than normal blood flow, making it difficult for the body to tap nutrients, natural protection is meant to protect the body against multiple infections and promote healing. Therefore, people with diabetes take a little longer than usual to recover.

Due to their weakened immune system, people with diabetes are more likely to develop infections and chronic risks than those without diabetes. Studies have now also shown that elevated blood levels can also make people prone to experiencing risky results, infections, prolonged hospitalization and longer recovery times.

What should you do

With an increasing number of cases, it is important that you practice good hygiene, quarantine and social telemetry to reduce the risk of infection. If you have a medical history of suffering from diabetes (or have loved one suffering from the same), follow important guidelines. For diabetics and people suffering from chronic disease, social distance is the most important because they must be extra harsh and avoid mass gatherings and crowded places.
Dr. Dhanshree Attar Singh, consultant physician at Jupiter Hospital, says people suffering from chronic diseases should take extra care for their health and be looking for small and prominent symptoms. easy tips for diabetics to stay safe Diabetics should be sure to check blood sugar levels regularly and increase the frequency in case of an active COVID-19 infection as any symptoms can possibly provoke blood sugar levels.

As with any disease, early detection can prevent future problems. People with diabetes should always pay attention to any changes in their body that could indicate an infection. Be aware of all the symptoms associated with COVID-19 and act smartly.
Diabetics suffering from any viral disease should also be attended to once because the preexisting condition can make it difficult for the body to beat the infection naturally, if not taken care of in time and manifested in serious complications such as pneumonia and kidneys Failure (which has been linked to COVID-19 deaths). The immune system is already compromised, making it easier for viruses to flourish in the body amid high blood sugar levels. In addition, with poor inflammatory levels, it can also compromise your diabetes diagnosis

Watch out the risk factor

In a situation like diabetes, even minor health risks can prove costly. Since blood sugar levels during this stage can be brittle and affect immunity, make sure you drink a lot of fluids and prevent dehydration.

It is also important that you take care and avoid minor cuts and bleeding. Foot hygiene, with hand hygiene, should not be ignored at this vulnerable time. easy tips for diabetics to stay safe Careful skincare can ensure that cuts and bleeding do not turn into major infections that affect blood flow.
Finally, don’t treat it as a time to ignore lifestyle modifications- sleep well, exercise well (even at home) and eat right, all of which can help keep your immunity healthy.

Some tips for diabetics peasant

  • drink plenty of water. Sip a small amount every half an hour. It is important for hydration. Make sure that the amount of fluid corresponds to the advice of your doctor and dietitian.
  • Take at least eight to 10 hours of sleep every day.
  • Avoid ibuprofen if there is fever, sore throat or joint pain. This may worsen the existing disease.
  • Many hospitals are arranging telemedicine counseling. If you can’t take advantage of the renewed laboratory results, doctors may suggest modifications based on earlier results.
  • Do not be anxious or angry. to rest. Be positive. to read. Listen to music. dance. The counter regulator has a tendency to increase hormone glucose levels

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