Zomato, Swiggy orders drop 70% in 10 days 

Zomato, Swiggy orders drop 70% in 10 days 


Customers pulled back amid the lockdown inspired by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, saying ET had inspired investors, companies and restaurants.

An investor in the food delivery space said, “From a steady position of 2.5 million a day, today we are on 1 million orders, which are decreasing marginally.”

In the first two weeks of March, which preceded the lockdown, food delivery orders declined by 20%, according to RedSeer Consulting, predicting another decline in the future, without specifying the actual delivery.

Restaurants have suffered a severe beating since the outbreak of Coronavirus. By extension, food delivery platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato – which are functioning on their own – have also taken a huge hit. Orders on Swiggy and Jomato have dropped by 70 percent due to the epidemic.

While both platforms are operational, they are working with minimum delivery officers and restaurant partners. In some parts of the country, delivery partners have refused to fear police action,

Kitchens are also facing difficulty in getting supplies, forcing them to close the shop. The restaurant industry has been severely affected with no drop-in services and a large decline in online orders.

Anurag Katiyar, president of the National Restaurant Association of India, told the daily that 95 percent of restaurants are offline. He said that the employees cannot be put at risk and the supply is also not very smooth. Some have been forced to close due to lack of staff and supplies.

“There has been a short-term impact in terms of volume softening,” said Swiggy, which may be attributed to the temporary closure of several high-volume restaurants located in the malls and a shortage in supply due to ground disruption in some states. ” Spokesman.

The food distribution authorities are also facing challenges due to local authorities and policemen. While food delivery services have been described as essential, local authorities in many parts of the country have misinterpreted the order.

Zomato which is operating at 30 percent is also facing challenges while placing orders. CEO Deepinder Goyal told the daily that they are working with the authorities to resolve the matter.


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