top 5 food delivery app

  Top 5 food delivery apps in India 


With time and development now people have started using their smartphone more and with time, things have come in this smartphone and now people have started asking for everything from household items to food items online and for this big company has started online food delivery apps and people have started has also started to make food online and it has got the job done very easily for India.and it is also very easy to download this app both of them android and ios and this online food delivery Boyes also very fast deliver your food.

And this app is quite popular in some Indian cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai Delhi also




How to see the top 5 most popular apps for food delivery in India that are helping to improve server life at home.


  1. Swiggy
  2. Zomato order 
  3. Foodpanda 
  4. Domino’s 
  5. Pizza hut 



1. Swiggy


Swiggy is one of the top-rated food ordering mobile application in India it was awakened by the possibility of the customer making the best request and arranging vehicle for customer life from the best nearby hotel which is the most in Indian good food delivery app in Bangalore and other top cities 

With over 10,000,000+ download in the play store Swiggy rank as the no 1 online food ordering a customer  offering from any restaurant with no minimum order method and all around receive an amount from hotels  

  2. Zomato order


Zomato order is an online food-seeking app ti is very popular as soon as it is launched and it also offers a lot of discount coupes for the apps. Food delivery services in India operates from all major cities.

Zomato is an online restaurant search platform available for mobile device discovered in 2008 the company later expand the facility to include food ordering and delivery to major cities operating in approximately 25 counties in the united state including India Zomato can place an order by a user selecting nearby restaurant and tapping on the menu.

    3. Foodpanda 

Foodpanda is a leading online food ordering website and mobile app that operate in 43 different countries worldwide as the company is headquartered in berline Germany in 2017 and the service was discovered in 2012 with approximately 40000 by the firm in various cities has partnered with a local restaurant to provide delivery time. Foodpanda for your breakfast lunch and dinner is more problem for late-night carving at your door.their features such as live tracking online and cod payment method aim to provide delicious food at amazing prices and quick delivery to its users. 


Domino’s is a premier pizza delivery app available in the android and ios platform telephone call pizza ordering service now upgrade domino’s as a mobile app to offer different coupons and choose the best available with continental tastes for customer to provide offers for customer provide an offer for payment option. Domino’s consolidated information in just 30 minutes domain’s numbering app provided an easy way to go to restaurant and serve your favorite pizza from the brand without waiting in queues.

     5.Pizza Hut

 The brand is popular for a wide range of pizza and pasta with delicious side dishes and the dessert pizza hut mobile app delicious food is delivered to your door with promote delivery launched in India in 1996 with a single restaurant in Banglore and range but still serves delicious pizza at the cheapest price the city this is a great range to eat.if you want to avoid last-minute juggling make your pizza night by placing the order seven days in advance 


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