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 Top 10 street food in Delhi

10 street food you can find these in Delhi items anywhere in Delhi, if you are from Delhi you will definitely try this 10 food item and you can be found anywhere in Delhi this 10 street food in your budget.and the taste of those things is also very good you must have been tried sometime while living


1- chaat

           Chaat is one of the favorite food for every Indian and this street food very cheap price and this is so crunchy and very spicey and this street food historical food of India and you can also try this is very famous place Chandni chowk Delhi Daulat ki chaat.

2- chole bhature

                            This dish best to enjoy an empty stomach. Rich spicey and heavy this is the most popular dish in Punjab and definitely this dish every Indian loved it and you can try this also famous chache di Hatti Kamla Nagar. 

3- biryani 

               A favorite of the Mughal emperors, biryani taste today enjoyed all over India most people eat biryani in restaurant and roadside and this tastes so delicious this poultry or meat-based dish.

4- rolls

           Delhi has lots of stall today the khti rolls come in a large number and different variety of rolls. Basically rolls credit to Kolkata rolls have so many variety veg roll, egg roll,chicken roll.


                This cheap price for being one of the most popular snacks momo stall almost every office building, housing area and market place selling momos this tasty momo available both vegetarian and non-vegetarian option and enjoyed with red firey sauce.


               The best street food of Delhi its kababs you will have huge verities of kababs in Delhi from Shami kabab Tava kabab Kathi kabab. All of this kabab full of flavor and spices Delhiites have lots of thanks for the Mughals kababs. 

7-rabri faluda 

                       A unique taste in the rich blend of coconut and dry fruits and made from mixing rose syrup this dish very famous in Delhi this dish cold dessert.

8- bhel puri 

                   Lots of flavors in bhelpuri is made from rice puffed bhelpuri and have a balanced taste of sweet, salty and spicy flavor including crispy and crunchy taste. 

9- parathe 

                 The most eaten breakfast in Delhi and you eat any time. But paratha make lots of staffing end oil his best street food of Delhi and you can different type of paratha egg paratha, pizza paratha, and don’t forget deep fried paratha of paratha wali Gali Chandni chowk.

10- desi burgers 

                          We’re not talking about  MacDonald I am talking about local burger we sold at every Delhi corner he made aloo tikkis and veggie patties and you can try this Gupta burger center. Krishna Nagar.


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