10 food business ideas low investment

 10 food business ideas low investment 


There are some of the top food business ideas low investment in my list that even a normal person can start basic knowledge of food business in a very small amount of money. and this business knowledge is available to every human being there should not be much space for this food business and this business and for this, we will not have to put much staff. However, please note that as you are starting a food business, you need to gain knowledge related to food safety and food handling exercises applicable to your business.



The first food-based business idea is a restaurant. Restaurant business requires intensive food business ideas low investment and careful planning. Also, you need good chefs to cook. The need of the time is more to achieve success in the restaurant business.


2.cooking classes

 The most suitable food-based business idea for women is the cooking class. This idea can be started at home. The need for investment for this business is very low. and it is also very likely that the business is famous because more women take an interest in it and you can invest less money in it.



The third is a food-based business bakery. To start this business, you should be very good at preparing recipes related to bread and biscuits. You can start this business small ly or extensively.and in the bakery we can make everything ourselves biscuit cookies and cakes and all these are sold at a very good rate so this is a very good idea of the business.


4.food truck.


The mobile food business is one of the most popular and growing food business ideas today. This food business ideas low investment business can be started at a lower cost. All you need is a suitable vehicle and raw material to start this business.and for this business you will need a small size truck and you have to become a little attractive because people will come to eat only when they look good and no place has to be taken on rent.


5.ice cream shop

The next food business idea is this is a business of ice cream that goes on all year people like to eat ice cream all the time be it winter or summer. This idea can be started with little food business ideas low investment it is a good idea to take the franchise of the famous ice cream company.


6.juice shop

Starting a juice business can be a healthy and profitable venture deciding which type of juice to sell in a variety of vegetable and fruit juice to sell while other bodybuilder and workout whey protein shakes are offered to attract enthusiasts contact your local country administrator office to determine who you need and how to shop them.

7.sweet shop

Anther temping food is the buzzed business idea a sweet shop and our India is the most festival and different occasion anywhere and is a need to sweeten the mouth everywhere so this is a very good food business ideas low investment



Opening dairy is also a very good option it is a very good business ideas low investment good option for the people of villagers they will not invest in it because they already have their cow and they can sell that milk at their own rate and they can also sell things like buttermilk panner etc.


9.fast food shop


Fast food is such a business that it is famous because in today’s time every age person prefers most of the time in fast food this business is the most successful business this time and in fast, food you will need a good delicious cook.food business ideas low investment


10.food delivery service 

In today time food delivery is the most traded it is a business that has been started by big companies but this business people in less money people are starting to cook food from their home and wipe it in the office they say have thair own person to do tiffin service and delivery and now every small restaurant owner also has the option of home delivery so this is also a good business idea.


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